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Ok you computer people out there....i need help installing disqus onto my blogger account.  Because I have a customized template it won't install easily.  Please let me know if you can help me out.  thanks!

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  1. Email Kendra at Key Lime Digital Designs (keylimedigitaldesigns@gmail.com). I believe maybe she offered to help before. She's a doll (and my blog designer). I'm sure she'd be more than happier to help out!

  2. I can try and see if I can figure it out. Email me at customsbdesigns@gmail.com


  3. I have disqus on my blog which was really easy for me to install since I don't have a customized template though. One of my blog friends has it installed on her blog as well. If you need help with it, please let me know and I can try helping you.



  4. It doesn't seem too hard to do it, but you need to upgrade your blog. You can save a back-up of this template to you computer first, and then change back. I can help if you want, feel free to e-mail me at susi@sinead.me.

  5. Not sure if my comment went through?? If you still need help, e-mail me at susi@sinead.me.

  6. I am looking into it right now. I am the Early Childhood technology coordinator at Presbyterian Day School.

  7. Check out this link right here. http://disqus.com/admin/blogger/ Then go down to the first line by number It says this:

    1. Make sure that your blog is using Blogger Layouts. See upgrade instructions if not.

    Click on see upgrade instructions if you are not using blogger layouts. Since your blog is customized this may be where you need to go. If you want to call me directly you can . 842-4668 That's my direct work number.