Ella's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl, Elenora.   

All decked out for school in her twirly dress with silver shoes.  Looking so grownup.  Today was a very big day and she knew she had to dress the part.  She woke up knowing that today she was going to get her ears pierced.  This, my friends, was a very big deal.  A big deal for her and her daddy.  This is something she has wanted for a very long time and in light of all that Lucy has been going through we thought this would be an extra special gift for a very deserving big sister.  And let me add that she has absolutely earned this priveledge, too. 

We started the day with a small little party in her classroom.  Cupcakes, cheese puffs, lemondade...what more could a kid want?

I checked her out from school around lunch time and we headed out to my grandparents/parents house for lunch.  But not just any old lunch.  Each year our company hosts a dove hunt for our clients on the opening day of dove season.  They shoot skeet, ride ATV's and Hydratreks, and stuff themselves silly on fried catfish, hushpuppies and onion rings.  And since there have been all but no doves around for the past few years, its a good thing those men sure enjoy eating!  Ella, Jack and I did, too. 

Jack had a good time until he fell face first onto the driveway.  I think it hurt as bad as it looks.  It broke my heart to see him cry like he did.  Poor baby boy.

After lunch Erik joined us and the 4 of us headed to Sweet and Sassy so that Ella could get her ears pierced.  She was so excited she must have talked a mile a minute the whole way down there!  My sister and Maddie met us there so that they could be a part of the big event.  I promise Ella never even flinched a wink when they did her ears.  I couldn't believe she didn't even grimace or anything!

After the ear piercing, she got a complimentary pampering since it was her birthday.  I am so glad to report that it was free, because they kept offering all these things to her and I thought I was going to be broke when it was over!  Hair up-do, glitter, manicure.  She was beside herself!  I honestly wouldn't have cared if I have to pay or not.  To see her so happy in that moment was truly priceless.  The whole experience was wonderful.


Erik left mid-pampering and headed to the hospital.  My mom had stayed with Lucy last night and today so that I could spent time with Ella on her special day.  It was very important to me to be there when Ella woke up this morning.  Anyway, Erik and mom traded places and mom took Jack back home.  In the mean time, Ella and I went for ice cream with Ro and Maddie. 


By the time Ella and I made it to the hospital around 4:30, Lucy was sound asleep.  I mean a deep, deep sleep.  She had, by current standards, had a wonderful day.  She did PT, played, sat up and talked. 

Lucy in wagon with funny hat from my TTF Kristie Kopp, panda shoes, ipad, face mask and puke basin.  Ready to go for a stroll around the hall. 

She had even made a necklace for Ella for her birthday with my Dad last night.  I was so disappointed she was asleep because I know she wanted to see Ella and give her the gift she made.  We tried everything we could to wake her up but she was out!  When she finally moved from the couch to the bed I found the necklace curled up in her lap.  She must have been holding it waiting to give it to Ella.  I cried when I realized how sad she is going to be in the morning. 

Even through that little situation, it was hard to be sad today.  My beautiful baby girl turned 8 today and that was enough reason to celebrate.  Here is a little for my sweet girl to read one day.


Dear Ella, when you read this one day I want you to try to understand something that is so hard for your mother to put into words.  There is no way you could ever begin to fathom how much I love you.  I love you with every single fiber in my body.  My heart aches when I think about my love for you.  I sinfully swell with pride when I think about all that you have become in the past 8 years and I await with the anticipation of a child on Christmas morning when I think about all you will become.  You are a perfectly created wonder of God and I am so very honored to be your mommy.  This past year has been so hard on us all.  But you, my sweet girl, have proven to be one tough cookie!  Your strength has been admirable and your attitude contagious.  Your love for your sister and baby brother is so strong and you just light up when you are with them.  You are a wonderful care taker and nurturer.  I am amazed everyday at how deep your love for God is and I will continue to pray with a vengence that it will stay that way.  At 8 years old, you have proven to be wise and mature beyond your years.  I love you Ella and I am so very proud of the the little girl that you are. 

Love, Mommy

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  1. Happy Birthday Ella! 8 is such a fun age to be, especially because you get your ears pierced. You are such a great big sister, but it can be hard being the oldest sometimes, I know. Just know that your sister and brother love you and look up to you. I hope that you had a WONDERFUL birthday and that you have 800 more! Don't ever forget how special you are to others around you, and how important you are to God.

  2. You have me in tears....oh my goodness. Words can't express the beauty of this post. This is a true treasure in words and picture. Thank you so much for blessing my evening!! ~alice

  3. This is my 1st comment on here! I was 8 when I got my ears pierced as well. You are in my thoughts and prayers.



  4. Happy 8th Birthday Ella!!
    You look so beautiful in that pink dress and you have your ears pierced!! Not a flinch either, way to go!
    Hope you have an awesome 8 year old year!


  5. You have me in tears too, Kate. Your letter to Ella, the necklace in Lucy's hands... Praying for all of you tonight.

  6. Happy Birthday Ella! What a special day you had. You are such a lucky girl to be able to be surrounded by so much love. I hope you enjoyed every bit of your day!!!
    Big hugs from GA!

  7. Wow, what a wonderful birthday! I love the efforts to make it so special... having so many folks there for the ear piercing, now that's what a gal will remember! What a gorgeous name, too: Elenora. Happy Birthday!

  8. I'm so glad you got to spend Ella's birthday with her! That's great, what a fun, fun day she had!!!!!!

  9. Looks like such a special day for Ella. You have such a sweet family and I pray for all of you each day.

  10. Ella, you look so lovely in your dress. And it sounds like you had a very special birthday and you really deserved it!

  11. I am a fairly new reader and a total stranger. I live in TX and do not know you or anyone around you. I some how came across your blog and honestly cannot remember how or when, but now I am an avid reader and pray for Lucy everyday. I think about you often and sometimes need that to put my own life into perspective. You have to be one of the strongest ladies that I know...well I guess that I dont know..LOL!! Anyways, just wanted you to know that there is a mom in TX praying for you and your Lucy!!

  12. HaPpY bIrThDaY, ELLA!!!! I hope your day was as special as it looked! You are an awesome big sister and the best one Lucy and Jack could ever have!

    From someone you've never met that loves you very much - Allison

  13. I've been following and praying since last February. I was catching up on all the post from traveling for the last week. I just can't get over what an amazing mother you are...and how you are able to put into words the very feelings and thoughts I have for my own children...while being so completely genuine about EVERYTHING...and openly sharing your faith and love for our Heavenly Father. I'm just so amazed by all you do and just thought I would tell you. Seriously, your children are SO special, each of them just precious. Praying for your family everyday.