Cupcakes for Ryan

Instead of Fun Friday today, I wanted to bring to your attention a special little boy.  His name is Ryan.  I had the opportunity to meet him on the 7th floor when we served dinner at Thanksgiving.  Ryan and his daddy were going to baseball practice when they were hit by a drunk driver.  Ryan's daddy died instantly and Ryan sustained some very serious injuries.  His precious mother Lindsey was there taking care of her son, who we all prayed would one day wake up--only to be told his daddy had died.  This family has an older child and a little baby (3-4 months).  They had just built a new house and had barely moved in when all this happened.  Lindsey and Ryan are now at CHOA, the same hospital where Lucy received all her therapy and I hear he is making good progress.  He still has a very long way to go.

Our new friends, Ava's mommy and daddy, are hosting a fund raiser for Ryan and Lindsey.  This is a true testament to the amazing love of Christ and the absolute joy that helping others can bring.  Ava's parents are fighting their own battle with childhood cancer, yet they are still helping others.  

So...if you live in the Hernando area, PLEASE come out and support this wonderful family.  All the information is above and I know that it is going to be a great time! 

(one cupcake per person and you have to be present at the event to get one)

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  1. Godspeed to this sweet boy and his family.

  2. I worked with Tim & Linsey as well before she changed positions. They have 3 girls & my heart just hurts for Linsey. The overwhelming love & support they have received is amazing.