Heavenly Peace

This was me today.  I can't explain how wonderful this felt.  For the first time in almost 2 years, I allowed myself to sit down and watch a movie.  I can honestly say that for a part of today I had no worries at all.  This day has been a long time coming.  My mom, my sister, Lucy, Maddie and I snuggled on the couch and watched White Christmas--my all time favorite movie.

Sweet peace.

Oh, and for the record; my "old" comment about my mom was just a joke!  We are all growing a bit anxious about Tuesday's procedure.  Thank you all for promising to pray for her.

It was a wonderful weekend.  Probably one of the best we have had since Lucy got sick.  I pray, beg and plead with God to continue to grant us peace.  Here is a glimpse of our weekend (and Friday) in pictures:

Lucy is having no problem making friends at school.  This thrills my soul:

Friday, the Go Lucy Go Foundation was presented with over 500 new, hardback books for our Ladybug Library. Thank you Atoka Elementary and Brighton Elementary schools.  A very special thank you to Christy and Nicole!

Erik took the girls to a Memphis Tigers basketball game while Jack and I stayed home.  They had a wonderful time and I got some much needed things done around the house while Jack slept.  It was a win win for everyone.

Jack and I did some grocery shopping.  He has become a permanent fixture by my side lately.

I love my sister.  Best part of today----singing "Sisters" from White Christmas while trying to harmonize.  Man!  I love that movie and this girl!

Jack before church in his "ho ho" outfit:

May you all sleep in heavenly peace tonight.

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  1. Kate I do not even know where to start this whole post made my eyes tear up. You all deservered this perfect weekend for so long. I also loved every picture. The last picture is one that made tears flow. PRICLESS And TO MANY MORE OF THESE POSTS...

  2. Kate, you have no idea how amazing this post made me feel. My eyes are brimming with tears, there's a lump in my throat and I am so happy that you had a smooth day. Praying for Lucy often.

  3. Kate,
    I don't know how I ever found your blog or who turned me on to it, but I've been following your journey for almost the past two years. I must say that your strength is an awe inspiring thing. Its a joy to read about your beautiful family and be blessed to know Lucy is doing so well. I pray God continues to strengthen Lucy and continues to use your family as such an incredible witness.

  4. I love that you had such a wonderful weekend. May many more of these be in your future.

  5. The picture of Ella and Lucy sleeping is THE most precious picture ever. What a sweet big sister!
    Prayers continue for your family!

  6. Lovely. :))) I especially like the ones of Lucy with her school friends. (although the little boy in the background looks like he's thinking "what's up with these girls, always hugging each other!" lol) -- And, I know I've said it here on your blog before, but seriously that Jack is THE cutest kid! Every photo you show of him makes me want to give him a big hug. :)

    Prayers for many more days like this weekend.

  7. Hi Kate - I am so pleased you had such a lovely weekend, I don't often comment on your blog but I often check in to see how you all are. I will pray for your Mum on Tuesday. Lily. xxx

  8. I've not commented before but wanted to let you know how amazing your spirit is. You have the best attitude and cutest kids ever. I'm so happy Lucy is doing so well! I have to tell you...I found your blog earlier this summer and cried and cried and cried like I haven't in a really long time while reading on my phone while my husband sat next to me. I couldn't even tell him why I was crying bc I was crying so hard. Sweet Lucy's story struck me to the core. After crying I thought "man I don't ever cry like that" and I'm sure my husband was worried about me. Turns out a few days later I took a positive pregnancy test. When people would ask if I had any clue I was pregnant before testing I tell them yes and reference the cry I had while reading your blog. We are having our second girl in February. I pray for all good things to continue in your life and with sweet Lucy!!!!

  9. What a wonderful post where you are all doing family things and activities! Like you said, a long time coming....and SO deserved. This just made me happy to read. And, I LOVE Jack's Green Bay Packers shirt!!! I live very close to Green Bay....just a few miles away and they are our team, you know!! I recall that Eric's family is/was from GB so you are Packers fans as well. ( I think I remember that correctly). Just fun to see him sporting team apparel. Praising God with you for the blessing of a "normal" week-end, for family, friends, and good moments.

  10. Vicki from ArlingtonDecember 10, 2012 at 9:19 PM

    I knew it!! I was at the game getting some lunch in a long time, and I knew I saw them. I have never met your family, but I looked up and there was Lucy being carried by her daddy, and the two other precious girls. I wanted to just yell, "Lucy, Lucy!", but of course, I didn't. Did not want to scare anyone, but I was thrilled to just see them at a distance. Hope they enjoyed the game!! Your family is a blessing to soooo many; Merry Christmas to all of you!!

  11. Sooo glad everyone had a wonderful day!! BTW- I downloaded "Sisters" as my phone ring for my wonderful sis!!