Life Really Is A Rollercoaster

My Tuesday went from this.....

(an ice cream party I did for Ella's class for reaching their AR goal)

to this......
 (packing for an emergency trip to the hospital)

In 2 hours time.  Seriously?!  Who does that?  We do apparently.  I had taken Lucy to the allergist on Monday and as we expected her sinus infection that we had just treated with 3 weeks of antibiotics had hardly cleared up at all.  That night and the next day (Tuesday) Lucy began to deteriorate quickly.  She had an altered mental status, was having trouble walking and was really weak from dehydration.  So, it was off to the ER for us.  Thankfully it was just a sinus infection and nothing else.  CT was good and she even had an EEG to rule out anything else.  We were home by Wednesday night, just in time for me to make it to play practice.  

Isn't it crazy that leaving the hospital and coming home is so common place for us that its almost like leaving work or school.  This was never the life I imagined for my family, that's for sure!  At least while we were at LeBonheur we made the most out of our time.  We got to visit with lots of friends, found LeBonheur's elf "Elfvis" and even made a new little friend.  I also was blessed to counsel with a mom who was saying goodbye to her little boy.  It was agonizing, but I felt God had placed me there for a reason.  If anything good could ever come from Lucy's illness I want to be ready to listen/act.   

In the meantime, Amanda and Hogan were carefully attending to Jack.  ha!

 (in all seriousness, he was safe)

My children will both be participating in a Christmas pagaent that is a joint collaboration between our church and our school.  I am so excited to see it all come together.  I am most excited that BOTH of my girls are singing.  Even with all the bumps in the road, Lucy has come so very far since this time last year.  Praise God from whom all blessing flow!

If you are in the area and would like to receive a true blessing this weekend, I invite you to come watch "The Hope of Christmas" at First Baptist Church in Covington.  The performances are Saturday at 6:00 pm and Sunday at 6:00 pm.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. How did your mom's test go?

  2. How did your mom's test go?

  3. Ha! Our Elf On The Shelf is named "Elfis" too!

  4. A roller coaster ride doesn't BEGIN to describe what you've been through. I pray for your family constantly and wish you God's blessings this Christmas season.

  5. What a crazy change of events! Glad to hear Lucy is doing well. :)

    I was wondering how your mom is doing? Did she have the surgery?


  6. Your strength inspires me. God bless you and Lucy, too!