Mischevious Elf Named Harley

Do you Elf on the Shelf?  It's almost as if this phrase has become a verb.  Everyone's doing it, or so it seems.  We have an elf named Harley.  For posterity I wanted to remember some of the pranks he has pulled.

 Taking Woody for a spin in the tractor.

Hanging out in the dollhouse, eating some popcorn.

Instead of TPing in the girl's tree he "pantied" it!

 When he was done he was quite proud of himself.

Roasting a marshmellow

 Playing Toy Story Dominos with some friends.  

 Ho! Ho! Ho!  Who has to go?

 Doing his own decorating!

This is not our elf below.  Funny how they look alike.  Our friend Ann Marie's mommy did this in honor of the St. Jude Marathon.  I was blown away. Thanks Autumn.

Look!  Jolly the Elf has a miniature Go Lucy Go honor bib!

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  1. did you know there is also a sweet cartoon movie that goes with this....it is called An Elf Story and it is sold on Amazon....really adds to the magic of the Elf on a Shelf...Dec 1 we always watch the movie and then Jingle Bell Jangles starts his adventures in our home!!!

  2. That tree is awesome and your Elf is so cool.. LOL

  3. I've gotta get me one of those elves!!! My little boys would love it. Kinda late for this Christmas, though. I think I'll add 'elf' to my after-Christmas shopping list. :) Did you see the elves at Le Bonheur? It made the national news!


  4. How did you write, or is it a decoration, on the back of the toilet tank? I love the Ho, Ho, Ho, Who Has to Go? Totally want to do that here. I am wondering if you used markers of some sort or how you put that little chuckle on there? I also really enjoy seeing what your elf is up to! He is a creative little guy!!

  5. It wasn't me who did it but you could probably use dry-erase markers. That was my guess at to what Kate did.