Choo Choo

I always dreamed of having a house full of boys.  I just knew it was in my "cards."  I even tried to argue with the ultrasound tech each time she told me I was having a girl.  I really, really wanted boys.  I can now say that I wouldn't have changed things in my life at all.  I love my girls and the things they have taught me.  I have loved experiencing hair bows, princesses, twirly dresses, playing dress up and painting fingernails.  I love shopping for cute clothes, watching them become young ladies and look forward and pray for the relationship with them that I have with my own mom.  I LOVE my girls!

But...I finally have a little boy and absolutely adore him.  It has been as wonderful as I thought it would be.  He wears me out and sometimes makes me want to pull out my hair, but he's awesome!  I know I am in for the ride of my life with him, but I'm looking forward to it.

One of the things that I used to dream about was playing trains with my "boys."  When I was young I would see movies or departments stores that had those suspended train tracks around the ceiling and just swoon.  I'm not sure why I've had a fascination with them all these years.  Maybe its that they just seemed so "boy" to me.

Imagine my surprise and utter excitement when Ella discovered Thomas the Train as a toddler.  It was an immediate love and Thomas became a permanent fixture in our home for more than a year or so.  Princesses won out, but I had so much fun during the train stage.  When Lucy came along and was old enough we brought out the train stuff for her, but she never took to it like Ella.

Recently Jack discovered my big Rubbermaid box of trains and tracks and it has been decorating the floor of our play room for the past two weeks.  We wake up playing with "Choo Choo" and go to bed with the same.  We are having a blast and I am thankful to have my boy moments with Jack.

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  1. Gosh your kids are so cute--and you are right--Jack's eyes gorgeous! I have to say the photo of Lucy playing with Jack--she looks so much better, her eyes look bright and her smile is so sweet! I hope she is on the road back to full health...

  2. Kate, I love that Jack is standing on the track, so cute. I look at your photos and I can just imagine that he is a little wild one. I look at him in your photos and it makes me think of my son at that age, who had more energy than I could imagine. It seemed like he was a little bull in a china cabinet. I also had two older daughters and it always amazed me how from birth they could be so different to raise. I love it. Lucy looks so cute. Go Lucy, Keep up the fight.

  3. desperateforavacationMay 17, 2012 at 8:47 AM

    My son, now a big 'ole boy of 14 loved trains and cars. I read "I'm Taking A Trip On My Train" by Shirley Neitzel. You may already have it - but when you read it - you will see you will sound like the rythmn of a train.

    I guess he would think me strange if I read it now. I will save for grandchildren!

    I love those little boys!

  4. My oldest son played with trains so much that he learned his colors and numbers from Thomas. He's five and still plays with them a lot! But now we have several other train sets from different shows. Half of our toy room is train tracks and tables :) I'm the opposite of you, now I'm trying to figure out what to do with a little girl!

  5. My son (now 8) gave us years of Thomas. I loved every minute of it. My daughter had access to all of it and never touched it. We have it all packed up (I can not bear to get rid of it), but I think my 2 year old daughter is going to love it. I am going to pull it out and let my son introduce the little one this summer.

  6. What wonderful pictures! I especially like the last one! So cute and sweet!

  7. all of my kids loved GEOTRAX

  8. Still praying for a complete recovery for your sweet Lucy. Praying also for your continued strength and endurance. God bless your family!

  9. Old timers in millington has one of those trains suspended from the ceiling. I bet it they would love it.