A Play and A Worm

***youtube link is now working***

I am a beaming Momma today.  Ella's choir group from church presented their Spring musical last night and it was INCREDIBLE!  I was so proud of her and all the kids that worked so hard.  Ella had two speaking parts and a solo.  It was such a great show and the kids seriously performed their little hearts out.  Grades 1-6 were in the play and I couldn't even begin to count how many hours were invested in the night.  I wish I had video to post because I think you all would be amazed at the quality of the event.  A huge shout out to my dear friend Sara who led these children in this huge endeavor.  Not only did the kids learn a great deal about music, but also about making good decisions in life..leaning on God for guidance and direction.

(The pictures quality is pretty bad.  Our church sanctuary is like a black hole for picture taking.  We will be moving to our new church the first weekend in June.  I'm secretly praying for much more lighting!)

The cast in top hats and their "big" suit coats

Lucy wither her favorite friend

Ella as an aerobics instructor.  Everyone said she was a little me in this role.  Barking out orders suited her well :)

Ella as the Royal Furnace Lighter.  Our friend Mackenzie was the fire.  They were getting ready to throw shadrach meshach and abednego into the fire.
Yeah, I'm pretty much a happy mom.  I am so very proud of Ella.  I think we might have found her "thing."

On another note...Jack.  That's all I can say.  Jack.  He is such a mess!  Check out this video of Ella and Jack exploring nature in my kitchen!


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  1. Finally something to smile about... You all deserve it.

  2. So many things come to mind as I read this post today, Kate. First, what a great church your family attends. Second, Ella is amazing. I know her heart hurts for her sister, but she keeps on growing and glowing through it all. What a blessing for you. Third, I love the picture of Lucy. That picture in and of itself, says multitudes. Just the fact that she's still here is a miracle. I do pray for complete healing of her.
    Lastly, as I read all of your posts, I love you openness and honesty. God loves it too. Just let it all out to him and keep going to him. He is able to handle it all, and is waiting to hold you and comfort you. God bless you and keep you and your husband.

  3. I love Jack! I wish he'd come live at my house. No I'm not crazy-I have 13 children and the youngest is 7. I would love to have Jack. And I can't get the video to work..

  4. Kate-ALL of your children are so very precious!!!

  5. It is so much fun watching our kids perform. Beam momma, beam!! I know our Daddy is beaming on us. :)

    And Jack? 100% pure boy!!! Challenging? Oh yes!! Fun? Yep!! Enjoy him and expand your horizons. I couldn't get the video to work either.


  6. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mcraekate

  7. Hi Kate:
    My name is Maisie and I'm 15. This weekend my family and I visited Memphis and took a tour of St. Jude's. I looked and looked for Lucy's "Go Lucy Go" brick but I couldn't find it. I feel like I know Lucy personally. I pray for her a lot. It's my dream to work at St. Jude's as a pediatric hemo oncologist. Is that what your Dr. Wright does? Lucy has inspired me, and I want to cure cancer for her and for all the others around the world battling pediatric cancer. Well, I just wanted to say that I love your family and the strong faith you all have. Go Lucy Go!