Our Garden 2012

Last Sunday the girls and Erik planted our garden.  In the past we have had a huge garden with a little bit of everything.  This year we decided that with Lucy and a (almost) toddler, we needed to tone it down a bit.  They planted tomatoes, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, hot and sweet peppers.  Erik also worked on moving the blackberries and raspberries and planted a few more blueberry bushes.  

 We love having the garden, but I know that by mid summer it will be a lot of work.  Luckily Ella loves to help out and she is great at picking tomatoes!  I'll spend more than a few afternoons putting tomatoes away but will be so grateful come December and January when I am making soup with fresh tomatoes!

I'll update later in the summer with details about how this garden turns out!

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  1. Oh Kate, I love your blog. I literally spend an hour or more yesterday reading all your posts. You have a beautiful family and you are very lucky that your little girl is a fighter and so strong! I lost my son and I wish I had the chance to fight with him. But, he did not get a chance to fight. Thank you for all your wonderful posts! Take Care!

  2. We have blueberry bushes here.


  3. Lovely! It looks like you have a wonderful garden and amazing workers. :)

    I too am getting my garden ready but right now it seems I am doing a lot of rock picking. I grow amazing rocks! :) It is still too cold for planting anything but carrots, but hopefully soon I will be able to put in the tomatoes.

    Always praying for you guys,

  4. OH it is also a nice stress reliever to work in the garden and let all your worries slip away for a few minutes. It also helps to know that the food you are eating came from your own hard work.