A Special Tea Party

Well, all the hype was correct.  We had a blast at the GenerosiTEA party, which benefited LeBonheur.  We will definitely be attending next year, so stayed tuned for more information.  Lucy had a nice time as well, although she was still a bit tired and puny from her Friday headache.  She enjoyed spending time with her friends, but I could tell she just wasn't "feeling it."

I ran into a ton of friends that I haven't seen in years.  Friends from college and our old church.  It was so nice visiting and catching up on old times.  Wow!  How time really does fly.  As I walked around and really thought about how we had gotten to this point in our lives, you know, connected to the hospital in such a meaningful way, life felt awfully surreal in a way.  It will be 2 years ago this month that our lives changed forever.  2 years?!  When I was asked how I was doing by friends this past weekend, all I could say was "I am just happy to be here."  Here, meaning in the moment.  This moment in time where everything is OK.  I am choosing to praise God for this moment, and all the moments before.

Lucy, my niece Maddie and my beautiful sister.

 Lucy and her friend Ava.  She is the one we met at LeBonheur during our Halloween stay.  She is now a patient at St. Jude. 

 Did I mention that my sister is beautiful?  I just love her to pieces. 

 Lucy wasn't feeling her oats, so the fashion show was a bit of a bust for us. 

 Lucy and her best (girl) friend.  A.M. and her sister and mom are below.  I was so happy they were able to join us!

Cissy and her daughter E.M. joined us, too.  

We had such a wonderful time and I'm so grateful to have been a part of such a neat event.  I pray that no one reading this blog ever has to experience a hospital event with your child, but if you do you will be thankful that people across the city do these fund raising events.  Community support is what sets LeBonheur apart from every other hospital (besides St. Jude) in the area.  

Ok, enough of my soap box.  Thank you all for your wonderful words of encouragement this past Friday.  While I hate that so many of you suffer from headaches and migraines, it was comforting to know that there is a logical explanation for Lucy's headaches.  As someone posted, "sometimes a headache really is just a headache."  Oh, and I will resume Fun Fridays.  Please help spread the word.  The more people that participate the more fun we will all have.  

Happy Monday!

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  1. Yay! for supportive people of hospitals and Yay! for Fun Fridays returning. And I'm praying Lucy feels her oats soon.

  2. Dear Kate, this may seem weird, but after reading your post, I feel led to pray for you. So here it goes. 'Dear LORD, I pray You'd reach down and wrap Kate in Your arms. I know she aches looking at her little girl, and wondering what will this year bring? Or the next? I know she wishes you could give her a guarantee Lucy's battle with cancer is forever over, but instead, LORD, I pray Kate could rest in this guarantee: that You LOVE Kate. You see her struggle to be all things, to divide her time between her kids and her husband, to be a good wife and mother, but the pull she has in her heart to just soak up every moment with Lucy is great, because of this inside thought, 'What if these moments don't last? What if...." Please, God, give Kate a peace in her heart so she is able to take one day at a time without looking ahead in fear. Tomorrow is in Your hands. Help Kate to trust You. And to trust You with Lucy. Please bless Kate. Though her situation is never anything she would have asked for, her honesty and faith have been a blessing to so many people. I pray LORD this week You would just pour Your love out on Kate and surround her with joy. In Jesus' name. Amen' **** Someday, Kate, we'll have that coffee in heaven. Corner Starbucks, remember? And the first thing I'll do is put my arms around you in a big hug!

  3. I love Lucy and her friends hats, so sweet. Your sister and yourself could pass as twins. (Beautiful ones at that) I'm glad the headache was only a headache, so so scary.

  4. Thanks for sharing. What a blessing.

  5. I don't understand where you get your energy and drive. As a mother, I get it totally! There is NOTHING we won't try to do for our kids!

    Keep up the great work! You and your entire remain in our prayers!

    Lots of love!

  6. Missed this years tea party but would love, love, love to make the TEA party in 2014 with my daughter-------thankful for you and your beautiful moments!!

  7. What a great event! You have a beautiful family!

  8. Something I forgot to mention about the headache is when she has one give her a ibuprofin (if she can take those) but make sure she eats a dill pickle and drinks a coke. Not sure how you feel about caffeine drinks but something about the acid in the pickle, caffiene and then the aspirin helps mine 98 % of the time.