We Made It Home

We're home!  Oh, home sweet home.  Choosing to go on a vacation is an entirely different feeling than being stuck in another city against your will.  All in all it was a great vacation and I came home feeling refreshed and revived.

Lucy's scans are Thursday and she has a full day of exams tomorrow.  She has been doing so well, amazing actually.  I am a little concerned about her hearing, but that wouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.  During chemo she received a special drug called Amifostine that was supposed to help protect her hearing, but mild to moderate hearing loss wouldn't be a surprise.  Even still, I am so proud of how far Lucy has come.  She is an amazing child and we serve a might, awesome God.

Check out this running! Lucy has made such progress in the last 6 weeks.  Just when we were starting to fear she had reached her limits, she once again decided to prove what little faith we possessed.  (be sure to turn the sound off at the bottom before playing the video.)


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  1. Glad you made it! I can not wait to show my daughter the video.

  2. My heart just smiled while watching Lucy run. Go Lucy Go!!!!

  3. SO happy you are home!! Praying for tomorrows tests and Thursday's scans. Lucy is amazing! So are you!
    Much love to all!

  4. Yea! Welcome home! Glad you are back safe and sound.

    Look at Lucy run! This just makes my heart so glad. I have a grin from ear to ear.

    Praying for amazing scan results.

  5. The video you posted of Lucy running was the BEST video and made my morning! I am sooooo happy to see how well she is doing. God bless your little angel!!!!!

  6. looks like you had a fun time! I know the feeling though. We went to Ft. Lauderdale for what should have been a 3 day trip and because of the hurricane we got stuck there for 5 days. The kids were with my mom but it was awful and I just wanted to be home!

    Praying for Lucy's scans.

  7. Run Lucy, run!! It would not surprise me at all for her to be a participant in the Go Lucy Go 5k one day : )

  8. Go Lucy Go. Good job! And good luck with the exams and scans.

  9. Go Lucy Go! I think you will be signing that girl up for her Go Lucy Go run very soon:) YEAHH!!

  10. OMG!!! Kate....seeing her RUN was AMAZING!!! The BEST video EVER!!!! Tomorrow we will say good bye to my mother in law. I'm so happy I saw Lucy's video b/c now when I get so upset, I just have to think of this video of her running STRONG with that beautiful SMILE on her face and smile myself!!! WAY TO GO LUCY!!! You always have been and ALWAYS WILL BE my little Super HERO!!! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful & special video. It is So PERFECT!!! God Bless!!!