Irons in the Fire

Yep, I've got too many of them.  Irons in the fire, that is.  Look at my garage.

After a major shipping snafu, we will finally be shipping the first orders of Tumblers on Monday.  I apologize to everyone who has placed an order and haven't received your Tumblers yet.  I promise they will be to you soon.  Call it beginners "luck," but shipping out 200 boxes hasn't been easy.  Thanks to our friends at Seismic Audio in Memphis, I think we finally have a great system in place.  Please be patient with us while we work out the kinks.  The other huge surprise is that we've had to reorder Tumblers 3 times!!  We had no idea we would sell so many.  What a blessing.  So, more are on order and you will have yours in your hands ASAP.

I've always been one to be happiest when I'm busy.  Right now, I might be a little too busy.  That's OK, though.  One major event ended this weekend..with a BANG I might add.  Our school holds an annual Spaghetti dinner and auction.  It's our biggest fund raiser and most of the proceeds go to technology.  I was on the auction committee and thankfully this one is behind me.  The girls both sang and had the best time!

My grandparents came and I snapped this sweet picture.  They were watching Lucy sing and I can only imagine what they were thinking.  I know I was so busy singing praises to God that I could hardly hear what they were singing.  All I know is that my miracle child was up there singing her heart out to God and loving every minute of it.  

Before the spaghetti dinner, we were able to have a lazy morning.  Ella got the iPad out and starting playing DJ.  It's her new favorite thing to do.  She is growing up so quickly and her love for music is really starting to blossom.  She played DJ and they all danced.  It was so sweet watching them all play together.

Jack had the most fun I think.  (then he collapsed from dancing to much)

On a totally unrelated note.....Seriously...look at this hair.  I'm not sure what we are going to do with it.  Radiation destroyed most of her hair follicles.  What she has now is probably all she's ever going to get back.  The whole back of her head is bald.  She doesn't know it and even if she did I'm not sure she would care.  At least not now.  One day soon she might and then I guess we will look into a prosthesis.  They make some amazing hair pieces these days.  Even some that you can swim in and pull into a ponytail.  They are very expensive (think $3k), so we won't make that investment until she asks for it.  Right now, hats work just fine.

Back on track.  Sorry.  Ella's basketball career for 2013 is winding down.  Only a few games left.  Below you will see that Jack is starting to get into the game.  He's an assistant coach in the making.

Ella won a karaoke machine in the silent auction.  It's going to be a non-stop party in our house for a while.  She was so excited and is already asking to have her friends over.  I just love this age!

Today it was Sunday as usual.  Church, lunch at my parents and then a day of resting.  Tonight I am taking the girls to see Mary Poppins.  They are excited but I'm bursting at the seams.  I can't wait!

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  1. Kate,

    So glad to hear (read?) things are going well. I just wanted to make a quick comment on Lucy's hair. While I happen to think she's absolutely adorable as is, you are right, there will come a time when she is perhaps self-conscious about it. On that note, there is a great charity called Hair Club for Kids, which provides free hair restoration services to kids between the ages of 6 and 18, I believe. I know a child who got a hair matrix who loves hers, she is able to visit one of their locations four times a year to get "changes" if she chooses. It's real hair that she can style, straighten or swim with. It can be cut and/or colored to your choosing. I just wanted you to know about the organization, because after all cancer has put you through, you shouldn't have to pay out for something like this! :)

  2. I see two new teeth in that sweet angels mouth!! I know she is so excited!

  3. I don't know if Locks of Love (I think that's what it's called) provides a free service for children or not, but it's another organization you might want to look into. Meanwhile, how 'bout cutting Lucy's hair really short, like a pixie cut?

  4. Hi Kate,

    I also follow the CaringBridge of a little girl who had treatment for a brain tumor at St. Jude a few years ago; her name is Ellie and after her treatment she had the same problem Lucy does with her hair growing back. Ellie's mom got her what is called a hair matrix, which from what I can understand is like a wig that is adhered to the head so it's basically permanent.... maybe you can consider that for Lucy? Ellie's site is www.caringbridge.org/visit/ellie1 (The hair matrix is first mentioned in the entry dated 31 December 2010.) or www.lifeappreciated.blogspot.com.

  5. I have donated to Lock of Love several times and know that make hair pieces for children and adults with illnesses that cause hair loss. It would definitely be something to look into if you're interested.

  6. I love the hats and Lucy may start a trend among her friends, even those with hair.

  7. Im glad you are so accepting of Lucy's hair and letting it be her decision. Having lost my hair myself, I always valued my parents never making me feel ashamed of my appearance. I choose to wear a wig, but that is the choice i made for my own comfort.

  8. I have been contemplating asking you about her hair! Thank you for addressing it for us Curious Goerge's out here! Nothing like a little cancer to put things in perspective. Hair, schmair. God thought ahead and gave her that beautiful face and smile! Nevertheless, it's good to know there are options should she want them:)

  9. Lucy looks absolutely adorable in her hats!
    I bet your grandparents were so proud while watching the girls sing!

  10. Lucy looks beautiful just the way she is! I just realized her two front teeth are in! She's growing like a weed! You are so blessed with your beautiful family.