Tonight we waited out the storms.  No soccer practice...Daddy was away for a meeting until late.


 reading (which makes me scream Praise Jesus!)

and talks of Jesus were on the agenda.  Life was really, really good tonight.

today at school, Lucy drew picture of what she thought heaven would look like.  This is her sitting in the lap of Jesus in his big chair.  Makes me wonder if this is a place she has sat before.  

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  1. Does reading make you scream in a good way (I'm assuming!)??? Also, interesting thought about Lucy having sat in Jesus' lap before... I wonder too...

  2. I'm a fairly recent reader of your blog. That last picture with Lucy sitting on Jesus' lap just about did me in...

  3. Kate, I need to ask you for a prayer request, for me. I hate to ask for myself but I am so struggling with dose dense chemo and why I had to lose my little girl that I had just been matched with when I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. Thank you so much. Lucy's picture brought tears to my eyes. Her faith is strong and I could learn a lot from her. Is her surgery next Monday?

  4. I'm not Kate but your post resonated with me and touched me. Praying for you for comfort in your grief, healing, and the joy of being a mom.

  5. My kids are in 1st and 4th grade. My older picked up reading so fast and the younger is having to work hard. I understand how exciting it can be to hear the little one read.

  6. I truly believe she has sat in the lap of Jesus....he kissed her and breathed life back into her when she was dying in your arms and sent her back to earth to be a witness for God himself. There is no doubt about it. Lucy has brought thousands to Christ.

  7. I certainly believe it is possible! Have you read "Heaven is for Real"? You should. Very real story about a child who visited Heaven. And you know a small kid can not make that stuff up.

    On another note, I'm loving your painting projects. I just did my first chalk paint project - my kitchen table top! Stressful - but turned out great. Now I think I'll go do something small, like a picture frame. ha!