It Was a WILD Day

During Fall break I spent most of my time preparing for the dinner and auction.  But it was Fall break after all, so there was mandatory zoo trip on the agenda.  I absolutely adore the Memphis Zoo.  It has been ranked as a nationally acclaimed zoo for many years and I promise it does not fail to meet expectations.  I could honestly go to the zoo once a week.  My kiddos love it, too.

When Erik and I were in college we would often go on the free school day.  The nerd in me was wildly impressed and madly in love with the biology genius who knew every detail about every animal.  I would listen intently as he told me about the Meerkats and random reptiles in the the Herpetarium.  Oh the days!

Now I just enjoy watching the excitement and smiles on my children's faces as we approach the elephants and giraffes.  The seal and sea lion show is always a hit and we can never get enough of the monkeys.  I think these zoo trips are the memories that I will have forever.  To me it seems like a simple way to spend the day but to my children it is a world of adventure and intrigue.  Our day in pictures......

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  1. Such beautiful pictures of your children! Lucy looks wonderful..so heart warming to see!