Because of You

Because of you this check was written.  

The Go Lucy Go Foundation was able to bless another family this past week.  This money will help the family pay for travel expenses, pay utilities or even make a house note.  All because of you.  I may do the leg work (along with some great volunteers) but none of if would be possible with your contributions.  

I pray everyday that God would open doors for our organization to grow and become what He wants it to be.  Sometimes I feel as if I'm not doing enough, but I have to remind myself to take one step at a time.  As we continue to seek God's will, we will keep working hard to raise money to help the families of cancer patients.  With your help---we can do so much more.  

The next Go Lucy Go 5k is coming up and we are hard at work making it a huge success.  Please mark your calendars for Saturday, April 5th.  Our goal is 1,000 participants!

On another note, last week we were able to meet up with a precious family that many of you have prayed for.  I often talked about Lanie when Lucy was first diagnosed.  Lanie had Medulloblastoma just like Lucy.  Her family and our family became very close during the following year.  Lanie fought hard for about 9 months but at the age of 2 went to be with Jesus.  It was a devastation loss for her parents and us, too.  Lanie's mom was pregnant when Lanie passed away and has since had another baby girl.  It was so wonderful visiting with them over lunch.  

When you have been through cancer and the death of a child your whole life changes.  We talked and cried as we shared our feelings of anger, hurt and sadness.  We also smiled and laughed as we talked about being thankful for the appreciation we have for life now.  I miss this sweet family and I oh how I wish they lived closer.  I walk through life most days feeling that no one really understands, but they do.  On every level they understand.  In the most unfortunate way they understand.  

Tonight I am thankful for the opportunity I had to reunite with friends that are truly kindred spirits.  

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  1. desperateforavacationJanuary 5, 2014 at 9:55 PM

    I am so excited about the gift. Thank you for all you do. God is good.

  2. Kate, I believe in one of your posts, you said you were working on 501c3 status - Do you have that? When my company has our annual campaign this fall, I would like to donate to Go Lucy Go, but wanted to make sure. Thanks, Keri

  3. Kate, I know that I have commented before and told you that you are an AMAZING person, I really believe that, like I said we have never met and probably never will😞 however I read your blog and have for a very long time and everytime I do you just amaze me with the person that you are from afar! You inspire me to be a better person. I can not imagine with what you have gone through and continue to go through daily how you have energy and time to do for so many others, I know from reading your blog that you feel the need to give back as it is truly understandable to feel that way as I am sure most anyone would. I however don't know HOW you can do it, sometimes you post things and say you are whining, WOW Kate if anyone has a reason to WHIINE it is you. Sorry for going on and on but I really just want you to know that even if I never have the pleasure to meet you and your family you have inspired me to be a better person. Thanks Kate and praying so hard that 2014 is the HEALTHEST and Happy New Year to you all. Tammie from Vermont⛄️

  4. The Go Lucy Go Foundation is doing amazing work for these families. And I'm glad you got a chance to reconnect with kindred spirits.