How Did I Miss This?

I'm not sure how in the world I haven't gotten around to posting this.  Hello?!  We went to see Zac Brown Band live in concert.  It was an amazing night--one we will never forget.  We got to have dinner backstage with the band and even had our picture made with Zac.  Lucy was invited to go on board Zac's bus and was able to meet 2 of his daughters.  One of his little girls was named Lucy!

The dinner was unbelievable.  First of all, the food was wonderful.  All made by the band and their chef.  The band members actually served the food and Zac himself stood at the end of the food table and spoke to every single person who walked through.  I was blown away by the genuine nature of the band.  Zac Brown was one of the most down to earth and soft spoken people I have ever met.  While we all ate, the band members and Zac came around and sat down in empty seats and just talked.

Lucy didn't make it very long into the concert, falling asleep in a friend's private box.  Sweet girl. It was just sensory overload for her once the music started.  Zac dedicated "Chicken Fried" to Lucy, giving a lovely tribute before he sang.  It was a very emotional time for all of us.  So many Lucy supporters were in the audience and it was amazing hearing everyone cheer her on.

I could never say thank you enough to our friend Michelle who arranged this night for us.  She is an amazing friend and this night was one we had waited on for a very long time.  Thank you so much Michelle.  You are tops!

Like I said, Lucy didn't make it very long but she sure enjoyed it while she was awake.  I'm still learning how to use my new computer.  Switching from a PC to a Mac has been a big adjustment.  When I started to post these pictures I couldn't find them anywhere and I was devastated. The memories we made that night will last forever, but I sure am glad I have these pictures, too.  
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  1. This made me cry ... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! And, I love the ZBB! And it's easy for me get teary eyed during "Chicken Fried." If you really stop and listen to the words ... especially about a mother's love. Gets me every time! Glad you all got to make such an unforgettable memory!!!

  2. You are such a loving Mom.

  3. SO so fun!! What a great opportunity... and bless Lucy's heart. She looks so wiped out.

  4. this made me cry too! I love Zac Brown but now I love him even more!

  5. so glad you all got to have such a wonderful time.

  6. Nice...glad you had a wonderful time even if it was sensory over load for Lucy.

  7. What a special treat!

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  9. Looks like a lovely time, my daughter and husband went to see the band and said it was Amazing! Your girls are so precious!

  10. Cool! And I'm glad you didn't lose your pictures :)

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