It's hard to believe, but I have started planning Lucy's 8th birthday.  Some days it seems like just yesterday that she was born.  Every year I get to plan a birthday for her I am so thankful.  Each day is truly a blessing.

I have to share these pictures of Lucy from her 100th day of first grade.  All the kids were told to dress like 100 year olds.  Seeing these kids dress like "old" people was hilarious.

I seriously could not imagine one minute on this earth without my children.  I am a blessed, fortunate mother.
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  1. How precious and cute she is! You did a great job making her look "old". ♥

  2. Loving those blue glasses! Happy 100th day at 1st grade!!! What a beautiful old lady you make. :) Children, they are a joy and a blessing. (((Hugs))) to you Kate, you are a great mom.

  3. Lucy looks so cute at 100!!!!!!

  4. Lucy is beyond precious - love the glasses down the nose. God did such a good job picking you to be their mom.

  5. I'm so thankful Lucy will be celebrating eight this year! Wow! What an accomplishment!

  6. desperateforavacationJanuary 27, 2014 at 9:52 PM

    Lovely! Sweet!