The Plan

8 weeks in the making. 

This could be the future for the Go Lucy Go Foundation. This 100 page document  was just handed to us and I can't wait to lose myself in it. 

The Capstone project for the graduating MBA students at Christian Brothers University was a marketing plan for GLG. These students poured their hearts and souls into the project and I am so grateful and honored. 

As I think about the dream that I wrote
about earlier this week I can't help but to be excited about the future. God has worked amazing miracles in the life of Lucy and our family and it is my fervent prayer that we will be able to minister to many more families for years and years to come. 

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  1. I haven't received my 5k shirt as a spirit runner, I emailed the address on my receipt from raceonline but never got a response. Have they been shipped?