Under the Sea!

This video does a number on me.  I smile, I laugh, I cry..but mostly I just stare at it amazed at God's miracle.  This is a video of Lucy and Ella in their church musical last night.  You might not understand what a big deal this is but Lucy!  She was in a musical!  She stood up, she sang and she danced.  She never missed a beat.  

Last year at this time she could not even stand for the duration of a song, much less have learned the music and the motions.  I am just absolutely amazed and extremely grateful.  God has answered so many prayers for healing in Lucy's life.  While she still has a long way to go, she is making strides every day.

As if I didn't need any more emotion in my life today, I found this picture in my Instagram feed.  I think my mind instantly came up with at least 15 titles for this picture and about 10 blog posts that I could write regarding what this picture means to me.  I was moved beyond words and into tears.  Emotions welled up in my soul from way down deep.  You know, that deep place that you don't like to go very often at all. 

In happier news, Ella has started swim team again.  Yes, they did swim in 65 degree weather today…in an unheated pool.  No, they didn't last very long.  Only 30 minutes and she was purple!  Her blue teeth are her medal of honor for being so brave and dedicated.  Blue raspberry ring pops were the gold medal today!

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  1. Oh that video is awesome! What a miracle Lucy is every day and you get to live it first hand. I can't imagine the emotions that you live with daily.

  2. Praise You Father!! I am so glad to see Lucy doing so well. :)

    Still praying and praying!

  3. Those kids sound great!