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It's funny how I had nothing written on my calendar last week except for a couple of items and somehow I managed to keep myself quite busy!    Thursday and Friday was Muffins for Mom at the kid's school.  They always do a craft item for the moms and I just love seeing what they come up with each year.  I love the smile my children wear when I'm there even more!

Thursday I had the privilege of speaking at the National Day of Prayer event in our community.  It was such an honor to share the platform with some amazing people in our town.

The weather decided to cooperate this weekend and we spent every waking minute outside!  Saturday we finished mulching all the beds and then we cut down 2 cedar trees that had been badly damaged during the last ice storm.  I've moved a lot of limbs in my life but I have never been so beat up by a tree as I was this weekend.  My legs look like I fought a bear and lost!  Our garden is planted, the yard is mulched and the flowers are blooming.  I love my yard this time of year.

Lucy spent her Saturday afternoon at Sweet and Sassy getting her hair, makeup and nails done.  Happy Birthday Taylor!

Saturday night we had a Sunday School social at my parents' house and the kiddos got to swim for the first time this year.  They were so excited and swam until they were exhausted.  All three of them slept so hard Saturday night!

Sunday we had lunch at my parents' and then the kiddos swam for the afternoon.  Last night we had a church picnic that we so fun!  It was probably the best picnic we have ever had.  There was a huge crowd and lots of visitors.  I just love how our church is growing!

It was a busy week and weekend but it was a great week none-the-less.  I am excited about this week as it's Teacher Appreciation Week.  We have some really fun things planned for our teachers and I am having fun being sneaky and delivering surprises.

Thank you to all you teachers out there.  Your job is one of the hardest in all the world.

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