If I Twittered....

I would tell you that my mind reeling with a "to-do" list a mile long and a "want-to" do list even longer. I have about a month's worth of blogging to do and about 10 craft projects I want to complete.

I am also coming to grips with my new reality. It's called SUMMER BREAK~! Also known as that 2 months when you are supposed to rest and relax but otherwise spend all your time going and doing.

But since I don't (Twitter).... I won't.

p.s.- for those of you who have complained that I only post once a week. Things are about to change. It's (one of my) summer priorities!

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  1. Sorry!! I'm one of the complainers :) I love reading your blog. It makes me really happy to read your insirational posts.
    I didn't know you had a new blog address until last night when I saw Rosie. Now I will catch back up and know that you are posting. (I still kept looking at the old blog thinking you haven't posted anything since "onion eggs". whoops)