Spring Dance Recital

Well, actually it was just dress rehearsal. But these may be the best pics I get of Ella the whole time because we can't use flash photography in the auditorium. I will spare you my rant on my frustration with that whole issue. Let's just say that mommies who spend as much as I have on dance lessons and costumes should AT LEAST get to take pictures during the recital!
But I digress.

Ella's tap number is to the song "Sea Cruise." How cute is this little sailor girl?

For ballet, they are wearing this darling baby blue tutu and leotard. I just love it. Blue looks so nice on Ella. They are dancing to the song "Just Around the Riverbend" from the Disny movie Pochahontas.

Lastly is her gymnastics routine. They are all dressed as different animals. Ella is a kangaroo. The music is "Choo Choo Soul." It's from a mini series on the Disney Channel.

Ella and Gracen posing. They really are best friends.

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  1. cute pictures.... where does she take dance? Allison

  2. it is very riduculous, and why can't you video your childs number. I don't want to buy a video of everyone.

  3. taking her panties off would be a pleasure