What's Next, God?

It's day 2 of Summer break and the girls are staring at me asking "what are we going to do today?" I really have raised 2 monsters. Ella is the worse. She is constantly asking "what's next" on the agenda. I am the exact same way. I always have been. My mom says that when I was little I wouldn't even finish breakfast without asking what was for lunch. It wasn't that I liked eating that much, but rather I needed to know what the next step would be. I needed to know the plan, if you will.

As I contemplate my plans for the future I find myself asking God the same thing. What is next for me? I feel as if I am at a crossroad in my life right now. I think it is a temporary crossroad, but I am not sure. I know what MY plans are....but I still don't know if God's plans correspond. OOPS! That should read "do my plans correspond with God's."

But isn't that how it usually works? We figure out what we want, how to get it and a timeline in which we'd like it to happen. Then we get mad at God when it does not happen exactly as we want. If we would concentrate our efforts on praying for God's will rather than planning our timelines, we would all be much happier and fulfilled. God promises to pour his blessings on us if we will just devote ourselves to seeking his guidance. HIS timeline and purpose is perfect. Mine is created with human inefficiencies.

So while I may stew and worry on a daily basis, I also try to fall on my knees on a daily basis asking for guidance. What do you want from me, Lord? What is the master plan for my life? I also pray that God would allow me to live each individual day in His will. Because although I am waiting on that long, sought-after email from God with a detailed itenerary for the next 60 years of my life, I know I won't get it. I honestly want to be content just living day to day. It's a battle for me to accept this, but I know its what I have to do.

Jeremiah 29:11 reminds us "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, said the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."

Shouldn't that be enough?

Well, it's not for these two. Not right now anyway. They are ready to go swimming. Right now. Immediately...5 minutes ago even!

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  1. Mom pointed out to me that I am still following your old blog on my list. I was wondering why you hadn't updated since onion eggs; sorry I will try to fix that. I still find it amazing how much I relate you the words you put together so well. Kyle says, "mommy, what's our plan?"