Animal Kingdom

No, I am not talking about the one at Disney. I'm speaking of the one that is in my house! If you remember this post you will remember that my girls have a penchant for all things animal. For years, Ella has been fascinated with frogs, bugs, birds and all types of creepy-crawly things. Even tonight she was scaring some boys with the huge frog she was carrying around. Ella's inhibition towards these animals has rubbed off on Lucy. She's just as bad.

Who needs Jeff Corwin when you have a virtual zoo at your own house? So not only do we have the two bunnies, but some birds have decided that my beautiful front door floral arrangement would make a lovely place for a home.

Can you see the baby birds in there? They are only about 2 days old and don't even have their eyes open. This nest must be really comfy because this is the second set of birds to be hatched in there since the beginning of Spring.

Then there is this:
A butterfly right after it hatched from its chrysalides. Grandma bought some catepillars from an educational supply company and we watched caterpillars' transition as they matured, changed into chrysalides, and finally emerged as Painted Lady butterflies!

They did not fair too well but we had fun none the less.

This is Ella actually watching the butterfly emerge. All 5 hatched within hours of each other.

Just when I thought all the excitment was over, the girls brought this home from my parent's house today. It's a tiny little water turtle. It's just beautiful with these intricate markings all over its shell.

And since we needed one more thing to feed and water, we decided to get it a home. Sparkle, the turtle, now resides happily in the kitchen with BJ, the Beta fish.

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