Peter Cottontail Came to Visit

My girls have been begging for a pet forever. It's a daily (often many times daily) conversation at our house.

Ella "Can we go to the pet store?"
Me "Maybe one day soon."
Ella "But Mom we need a pet."
Me "Yeah, baby. I know." (said in that tone that mommies use when we try to appease our children without making a promise that will later be broken)

You see, we all have allergies to pet dander. So that rules out any option for an indoor pet. We've tried outdoors kittens, but that has been a miserable failure. 4 gone in 1 year. They just don't stand much chance around the coyotes in our back yard. And then there's the whole truth that I'm just NOT an animal person. I try to be and I like the idea of a pet, but when it comes the feeding and maintaining...it's just not for me!

Our sweet neighbor, Mrs. Lori, is just the opposite. She has given her 5 boys most any pet they've wanted. So for Easter they received 2 bunnies. I think Mrs. Lori quickly regretted the decision and asked if we wanted to take the bunnies to our house. I really did not want to, but Erik and the girls won the battle. We now have 2 bunnies.

I am now just praying that the bunnies are both the same gender!

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  1. I empathize with your dilemma (as posted in my BB's babies post!) I hope the bunnies work for you! If not, maybe try a snake!