Dear Santa

Dear Santa: Here is Ella's letter to you. When we sat down to write it she said "hold on! I will be right back." Little did I know, but Ella had been keeping a secret list of things she wanted from Santa in her bedside table. This list had about 5 things on it that Mommy and Daddy did not know she wanted. She told me that I didn't have to know. Santa knew. Hmmm. Well, it's 5 days before Christmas and I have been told that your budget has already been maxed out for this year. Any suggestions on how to break the news to my sweet girl?

Love, Kate

***Santa did stretch the budget a tad bit and was able to pick up a couple of the items Ella secretly wanted. Some of them, however, we found out did not even exist. Like the My Little Pony Karate place. She apparently made that one up!***

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