Christmas Part 1

Christmas at our house 2009:

Santa and his reindeer ate the cookies and carrots we left.

The girls were so excited to see all their presents.

Lucy got her "red" bear and Buzz Lightyear what's in a box.

Some of Ella's favorite gifts were the Belle gown and Where's Waldo book.

We wasted no time testing out the Wii, our favorite Christmas present.

Even my Grandfather got in on the action.

Playing with our Pixos. Boy, those sure are much cuter in the box than all over my dining room floor!

Me and my girls on Christmas morning.

Lucy helped Daddy open his gifts. But only after a few tears were shed because Ella was helping, too.
This Christmas was one of our best ever. Both girls were old enough to be really excited about it all and Erik and I enjoyed helping Santa with some of his shopping. As they get older, I realize how magical this is for them. Oh, to Believe! And they do. With all their hearts. So innocent and so sweet. We are so blessed to have such perfect little girls and we are honored to be their parents. Merry Christmas everyone!

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