He's Back....

Just in time for some stocking action! Harley the Elf made his annual visit at the end of November. Just in time to carefully watch the girl before St. Nick came to fill their stockings on December 5th. Harley seems so magical as he moves from room to room at night while the girls are fast alseep. They just love to wake up and go search for him. It's a race every morning to find him first.

St. Nick was a day late with our stockings this year. Ella's emergency room trip after her tonsil's were taken out threw us for a loop. This year Momma had to do her own stocking shopping..in the gift shop at LeBonheur. I did get a cute apron out of the deal. As usual, the girls each got a movie and some other small things. Ella finally gets to watch The Wizard of Oz (I've been hesitant to let her watch it because of the evil monkeys) and Lucy was thrilled with her goodies. Erik got another nice flashlight...it's becoming a running joke around here. Him and his flashlights!

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