Family Christmas

This year we were able to make it to my grandparents' house for the big get-together. We had missed it a few years in the past due to traveling, so I was thrillled to make it this year. My cousins who had been absent for the past few years were also there. It was so great to be with everyone again. A ton of adults, a ton of excited children, 2 wonderful grandparents....what more could you ask for?
Ella got her "American Girl" riding horse that she had been wanting so badly.

Lucy acting silly with one of the twins...Reagan, Taylor? I can't keep them straight!

My sweet brother

Erik with Ella and Anna

Pretty little Lucy.

My cousin Craig and me. We are like siblings really. We spent so much time together growing up. Some of my favorite memories as a child were family vacations together (we'd always go the week of my birthday) and spending a week each summer at his house. He has one of the set of twins in our family.

Just a few of the kids at Maw and Paw Paw's house that day. The little girl on the right (it's either Sophie or Bella) is from the other set of twins in the family.

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