Sweet and Sassy..This Time with Lucy

Ella has done the Sweet and Sassy "thing" two times before our most recent trip. Our sweet friends had a double birthday there and we were honored and lucky to attend. Of course for Ella this is a perfect party. Makeup, glitter, dress-up. Its the whole schebang. But for Lucy...now that's another story.

I was nervous about taking her to begin with. She's just not that into girly things. This is not something I have encouraged, or discouraged, but rather is something that is just fundamentally her. I find myself quite often perplexed by my girls' personality differences. How can they be so different, yet come from the same set of DNA? While it can be daunting at times, I am quick to thank God for giving me two different children who love life in different ways and explore their personalities with such unique persuassions.
When we walked into the party, Ella knew just what to do. She went straight back to the dressing room and began picking out the perfect ensemble (pronounced correctly with a strong French undertone). Lucy followed her big sister, although tentatively, and picked out the most frilly, fluffy pink dress in the room. I could not believe it. Our conversation:
me: "Lucy, you look like a beautiful princess."
Lucy: "Well I still like Buzz and Woody."
It was an hilarious moment that reassured me Lucy was only visiting the "dark side" for a moment of Toy Story reprieve. But she was clear in where her loyalities lay. Right with her hero---Buzz Lightyear.

Am I foolish to say that after looking at these pictures I am going to forbid my children to wear makeup until they are 16? They both look so old and Ella....well, let's just say her daddy will not be letting her out of the house made up like that ANY time soon!

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