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Baby Jack is a bit Jaundiced, so we have been spending a lot of time sun bathing. Such a guy...showing off his chest!

Lisa and Zach Odom came for a surprise visit on Sunday. I was so shocked to walk out and see them in the driveway. Shocked, but very pleased. They are both two of the nicest people I know. Really, they are. Just genuinely good people. They just moved back to the States from Germany this year. Their 2.5 year old, Ollie, was asleep in the car so I don't have a picture of him, but this is his sister Sophia. She is so pretty and looks just like her mom's side of the family.
I took this picture last night. It's not the greatest of any of them, but it sums up our life right now. Erik is in hog heaven with his family. I am, too. We just feel so complete. God is good. Our cups truly runnith over!

My Aunt Carolyn was in town for a family funeral when Baby Jack was born. She is my mom's sister and has lived in Virginia since I was little. I only get to see her and Uncle John a couple of times a year. Even though its not too often, I do enjoy the times that we get to spend together. She has the best laugh!

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  1. sweet comments ! and sweet picture! so crazy how times passes so fast sometimes ... and crazy how they say sophie looks like me... but sophie truly looks like a mini zac.