Flu, Medicine or Exhaustion?

I'd like to think it was side effects from the Tamiflu that I am taking, but apparently after reading the official website I have only sheer exhaustion to blame for what ails me.  In reality, I have nothing to complain about. However, this is my blog so I can.

I am tired.  Very, very tired.  My body is sore and I have had a headache for a week straight.  My laundry is sky high, my house is a wreck and I haven't even thought about Halloween costumes for my children.  I went to the grocery today, after my husband and I have eaten oatmeal for what seems to the be the past 4 meals.  Yesterday I sorted through more than 500 t-shirts and I am OVER it!  School shirts, Pumpkin Run shirts.  Geez! This is just a glimpse of what my house looked like yesterday:

I can at least happily report that Jack is home from the hospital and is recovering nicely.  He has a nasty pneumonia cough that will apparently stick around for a while and we are still doing breathing treatments around the clock, but other than he is improving.  It was hard being back in the ER; lots of terrible memories flooded my brain while we were there.  I even found myself thinking irrational thoughts like "what if Jack has a tumor in his lungs making it hard for him to breath."  Look, when you have walked down the road we have been on you can't help but the think those things.

When the ER doc came in and told us that Jack may have something like RSV or Pneumonia, I just laughed under my breath and thought "bring it on."  I ran into one of our favorite Oncologists at the race Saturday morning and he said I needed a shirt that said "It's Just Pneumonia."  Seriously, we got this!

Here are some pictures of my sweet boy's first hospital stay.  I am praying it's his last.

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  1. Praying for you.

    Don't be afraid to ask for help. You are one person! I give this advice as a caregiver and a former single mom who had a little one like Jsck who was sick more than well with Asthma. Now he is 14 and healthy.


    And know you are loved and covered in prayer.

  2. (((Hugs))) and more (((Hugs)))

    My children use to suffer from severe croup. It was scary and very tiring.I can't imagine going through all that you have gone through and not having a chance to let loose.

    Praying for you and your family,

  3. I'm so sorry that Jack was in the hospital but am glad he's home now. No need to apologize for the thoughts of "Is this something more serious?" You know better than most that we can take nothing for granted.

    And I am praying for Jack's continuing recovery and more rest for you.

  4. I'm glad Jack is getting better, now I hope that you BOTH can grab some rest! Take care.

  5. Kate, I am so glad to hear Jack is back home and on the road to recovery, I miss those pictures of his smile. I have to say house work is something that seems to always be there no matter what. We can be as sick as can be and some how it still will not feel sorry for us and go away, HA! at leatst all those shirts were not in the laundry. There is always a good side to every bad side, so that is the good that I found in it for you. I think you need a nice long weekend of just rest and relaxation and a whole lot of snuggles with your family. You DESERVE it. Good Luck to you all to a healthy week.

  6. Kate, you body and your everything has been through the wringer and all other bad things for about 2 years. It has to react to all you have put it through. That it would say, "Enough is enough." is not a surprise. Your whole being is saying, "Take a rest, you deserve it." How great is our God, He has lifted you up everytime and this will be no different. Admiring your spirit and praying for you.

  7. When I was on Tamiflu I projectile vomited every 15 minutes. same experience for a couple of my friends too! so be happy it is just exhaustion!! You can pull through!

  8. Kate - I totally agree with Nava - that is as far as I read on the posts. God gave us amazing bodies - and yes He is our strength - but we are human and wear down. I know you cannot just stop - - but anytime you can get a little rest - take it. Is there anyway someone - even a teenager or someone can come and help with the laundry or the sorting tasks or whatever. Sometimes, there are wonderful young people who would love to assist. I'm sure you've thought of this - so I will be quiet - just care a lot for you and wish I could give you a hug and assistance.

  9. LOVE the Darth Vadar t-shirt! That said, I'm so sorry you're feeling bad. Don't forget to try to spare a few minutes to take care of you!

  10. Hi Kate!! I'm happy to hear Jack is home and is on the mend. My hope is you'll be easy on yourself and not be so hard on yourself. Of course you're behind...you had a child in the hospital but the main thing is JACK IS BETTER!!! THANK GOD!!! I wish I lived closer so I could help you some. I know what it feels like to be so overwhelmed. I hope you will be able to rest over the next few days. If you are feeling better, life won't seem so overwhelming. Please know I am thinking and praying for you and am sending you positive thoughts!!! Please give Jack a HUGE BEAR HUG from me!!!
    Take Care!!!

  11. I am so glad it's "just" pneumonia. I don't think your tumor thoughts are irrational at all. I have them with every cough, fever and sneeze that comes from my children and I have not experienced anything near what you have. Prayers for a rested body and mind.

  12. You are an amazing Mom, Kate!!! Do Not worry about the laundry, or the House being a wreck...those are just small things ;) - I am so glad to hear that Jack is on the Rad to recovery. Take care of yourself :)

  13. Glad to hear that Jack is home. Please take care of yourself, too. I know it is hard for moms to do that sometimes, but God has a way of making us slow down, even when we think we can't. Praying that you and the rest of the family, too.