Fun Friday-Tour of Homes

I've been looking forward to this Fun Friday since I started this blog party several months ago.  Christmas is my favorite time of the year and decorating is one my favorite parts.  I go WAY overboard--I'll admit that.  I just can't help it.  If left to my own devices, I would put garland on everything that stood still in my house.  One of my favorite areas to decorate is my banister.  I always save it for last because it takes a lot of work and usually 4 hands.  When I got ready to tackle that project I was devastated to find out that all of my lights were broken.  I have to tell you, the thought of having to unwrap the lights from 3 long pieces of garland and then string new lights was more than I could handle this year.  So, no banister garland for me.  Sniff Sniff.

Here is my home.  I hope you will post yours too:

Our family tree.  It is decorated with ornaments that all hold sentimental value.

My nature tree is on the left and the snowman tree is on the right.  The nature tree is in our very informal dining room and the snowman tree is in the playroom.

Every year I get to add a new Christmas picture frame with the children's Santa photo.

My front door with the huge Santa's face on the wreath.

Or newly acquired yard art.

I have a huge collection of Department 56 Christmas Village that I started collecting long before Erik and I got married. I don't have enough room in the house, so I only pull 4-5 houses down a year.

I love my mantel.  It's decorated with greenery, red berries and pearls.  The tree on the left is covered with pearls.

Erik's mother gives the children each a Nutcrakcer each year.  Just like my houses, we have so many that we only get to display a few each year.  These guys are in my kitchen.

Also in my kitchen:

This is above the mirror in our half bath, which is located in the kitchen area as well.

Also in the half bath are these two pieces:

 This is Lucy's tree.  It has a Santa theme.

This is Ella's tree and it has a "peace" theme.

So, that's it.  I hope you will link up this week.  I'd love to see your homes and how you decorate for the holidays!

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  1. I posted my link. But wanted to say your home looks beautiful. I am amazed how you had time to do all of it.

  2. Absolutely Beautiful!!!!

  3. Thanks for hosting this party! I love your houses and the Nutcrackers. I also can't believe how many Christmas trees you have. We will have one and I'm starting to think that might not be enough :) Also I really love your mantle -- it's gorgeous.

  4. Ryan @ Loved and LovelyDecember 11, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    What a fun linkup! I haven't taken pictures yet this year, so I linked up our decor from last year. Your house looks beautiful! :)

  5. Oh, so many things to look at! It's hard to pick a favorite, but I have to mention a couple. :) I love that you have multiple trees. That's awesome. I especially love the girls' trees. The Christmas picture frame display is gorgeous! Love the color/pattern variation. The half bath mirror decor---I want! And the nutcrackers--cute! Love the history behind the collection. We're having such a sad December with the loss of my MIL and the news that my little Eli's heart is not working as well as it has been. Thanks for posting--it has truly lifted my spirits to see the wonderful decor. :)


  6. Everything is so cute and the girls trees are AHmazing! I love Lucy's tree and might copy it for our tree next year. I can tell Christmas is an extra special time in your home. I didn't get around to doing this one (that would mean I'd have to clean my house, haha!), but I did do last week's -- I added a holiday recipe into my post -- a Chocolate Mint Freezy using Cacao nibs.
    Kate - have you ever heard of using cacao in recipes as an antioxidant? I watched, "Food Matters" and it was so eye opening and I'm absolutely fascinated by nutritional therapy now. Anywho - here's the link if anyone is interested. A very Merry Christmas to you all! God Bless!

  7. Oops! Just kidding ... here's the link: http://learning2walkagain.blogspot.com/2012/12/you-are-what-you-eat.html

  8. Your house looks AWESOME Kate!!! I love all the land around your house. It just seems so.....PEACEFUL!!! Or least, I hope it is!!! Sending you many, many blessings!!! God Bless!!!

  9. Gorgeous! I am not sure that you ever sleep!

  10. ok I want to link up but I have yet to take my pictures. your home looks so beautiful!! I love the trees and all your decorations. I have some serious envy of your cute christmas frames. I think I might need to get some and put our santa pics in them.

  11. How great that you have many trees! Your entire house looks like it could be featured in a magazine spread about Christmas decorating. I thought putting up ONE tree was hard, whew, I will not think that any longer! I love, love, love the frames and the Nutcrackers! So many special memories for all of you to enjoy!