Pie in the Face

Running Pony, a local production company, has filmed a great holiday promotion.  The employees got a pie in the face and whoever gets the most votes will be able to make a donation to the charity of his/her choice.  Brandon Roten, a dad extraordinaire of a cancer child, has chosen the Go Lucy Go Foundation as the benefactor if he wins.  Please click the link below and vote for Brandon Roten.  A vote for Brandon is a vote for Lucy!


Merry Christmas everyone!  I'll be checking in tomorrow.   Don't forget, its not too late to donate a toy to our Christmas dinner for LeBonheur.

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  1. desperateforavacationDecember 21, 2013 at 11:12 PM

    Voting now!

  2. Voted! Praying "Go Lucy Go" gets the money!!!