Round 2

On Thursday, December 3rd, Ella went in for a tonsil and adenoidectomy. It's a pretty standard prodcedure that countless kids have everyday. But, as my friend Kendra said, nothing is "standard" when it comes to your own child. The day before the surgery, Erik and I both had nervous stomachs and were pretty worked up about it. I had lots of friends share their war stories about their children's recovery from the surgery.

Ella didn't have a clue what was going on and did not know what to expect. All she knew was that she was going to the Bunny Room and couldn't wait to get there.

Ella's surgery only lasted 25 minutes and we were reunited with her within 45 minutes. The time went by quickly and neither Erik nor I cried when they took her back. She was so brave and we were so proud of her. I was very anxious about her waking up from anesthesia. I had heard lots of scary stories of kids hitting and being angry or crying. That was not the case for our Ella. She did great. She just wanted to be help. She was very sweet. She had this sad little frown on her face from the time she woke up until sometime Friday morning. Isn't this pitiful?

Friday morning was fine. She even played the computer for a little while in the morning. She fought taking her medicine only a tiny bit but came around quickly when Erik bought her a Fur Real kitten. It made all the difference. Later that afternoon, however, things began to quickly go down hill. Ella began vomiting and by Saturday morning she was so dehydrated that a trip to the ER was mandated by the doctor. It was not a pleasant experience. We were pretty scared to see our baby so sick. The doctors and nurses in the ER were wonderful. After one look at Ella, they pretty much took us straight back and began IV fluids.

That is Ella in the Emergency Room at LeBonheur. We took her in around 9:30 this morning. It took 2.5 bags of fluid, Motrin and Zophran to get us home, but we are finally back. We left Memphis around 4:00. 6 hours in the ER went surprisingly fast and Ella is a new person! See.....

"Thank you God for watching over Ella today. Thank you for sending Dr. York and nurse Natasha. They were wonderful! Thank you for our sweet, sweet Ella! Amen."

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  1. Glad to hear you are all home. That is scary. Hope she is feeling completely better soon!

  2. Poor Sweet Ella! We are glad that she is doing better, as she has been in my prayers. We missed you all last night, but hey, I got to see LuLu, before we had to take our Mills home for bedtime! She is the funniest thing ever! And Ella, GET WELL SOON!

  3. Precious girl...so happy she's doing better. Now maybe strep will leave her alone!

  4. Get better sweet girl1 we miss you at school :)