We are headed back to St. Jude tomorrow. Going in for a dreaded weight check. I'll post after we meet with Dr. W.

Right now we are driving home from our Christmas vacation to East Tennessee. Anyone want to come help me unpack??


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for tomorrow but if Lucy requires a feeding tube your life will be easier in that you will know that she is getting the proper and necessary nutrients to sustain her and give her the physical and emotional strength she needs to get better.

  2. Praying!!

    Unpack? Huh, hummm, I think I need to wash the dog or something like that. :s


  3. Praying for you & Lucy tomorrow. We are in Maryville as well, will head home to atoka on Sunday.

  4. You are probably tired of my clinical messages but I work at a hospital and I had to read a policy on C. diff and it said alcohol based hand washes don't kill C. diff. You need to use soap and water and a dilute bleach on surfaces or bedding. You have a great hospital so they have probably already told you this but you guys were just on my heart so I thought I'd pass on the info anyway. Prayers for your peace at the weight check tomorrow.

  5. Hi Kate!!!

    How are you? I've read every post you post & not a day has gone by that I have NOT thought about Lucy & yourself. I pray her appointment goes well tomorrow & if nothing else, she at least was able to keep the weight she was before Christmas!!!

    I do hope once you are home, you will be able to find some MUCH DERSERVED REST & PEACE OF MIND!!! You sound so tired Kate. I know I'm a stranger friend however, I find myself just wanting to wrap my arms around you & comfort you during this stressful time. I'm so sorry there is so little I Can do for you & Lucy!!!

    I do hope they received the little package I sent down before Christmas. I hope they liked their gifts.

    Please know you are NEVER alone in your sorrow Kate. I know those who know Lucy & your family & countless more who never had the priviledge of getting to know you in person are all Praying & Rooting not only for Lucy's return of energy, weight & full health but also for your own strength, peace of mind & some much derserved time for yourself to regroup!!

    Please remember....I, like most are only just an e-mail, tweet or phone call away. Hold out your hand Kate....you'll be amazed how many hands will be right there to grab onto yours & NOT let go until you want us too!!!

    Your Stranger Friend,
    Jenn xo

  6. Kate,

    This is a fantastic blog! Is there an email address I can contact you? I am working on a project I would like to discuss with you.

    Happy holidays and new year! Good luck tommorrow!

    I can be reached at Tory@allthingscaregiver.com

  7. Praying for you that everything comes out great tomorrow


  8. I couldn't stop thinking about Lucy today. I was wondering how you were doing, how Jack was feeling and how Lucy was feeling. I think about your family every day, but today was even more than usual. Please know that my entire family continually keeps Lucy and your family in our prayers. Will be praying for more weight gain, just remember if it comes to a feeding tube to seek the positive aspects of it. Sending you much love from a stranger family in Idaho.