Copper and Clay

A gentleman that I have known most of my life owns a local pottery shop that is located on our historic town square.  He's a man of many skills and I have been blown away by the pottery he and his wife are making.  They are both so very talented!  They invited the girls to come create a mug/vase and even let us ask a few friends.  The highlight of the afternoon for both girls was being able to actually throw pottery on the wheel.  This was like a dream come true for both of them!  I will post final pictures once their pieces are fired and then glazed.

Thank you Louie and Mary for an afternoon they won't soon forget!
Our friend Gracen

Andi, Bo and Sarah


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  1. How fun! I remember doing that as a little girl. I still have some of my creations too.


  2. My goodness, your girls are beautiful! Sounds like a great experience!

    Sidenote: I love the name Gracen! Beautiful!

  3. Great pic of all five of you! You should make it a point to have people take more pics of you with your kids. You'll be glad you did!

  4. Hi Kate!

    I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of your family. I am excited to participate "virtually" in teh 5k, South Dakota is a long ways away. I did want to pass on a site that I thought maybe you could pass on to the people running the 5k for Go Lucy Go. It's called Races to Remember. You can order backbibs with pictures for cheap. www.races2remember.com They also offer a host of other ideas. Just passing along.

  5. I check on your family often, but am not sure if I have ever posted. I just have to say how great it is to see Lucy looking so much healthier, and the light coming back into those blue eyes! I'm glad your family is getting a chance to get out and do some "normal" things together. Your family is in my prayers.


  6. What a special and fun day!!!!