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Guest Post by my friend, Laura Dawson

Top 10 reasons to sign up THIS year....

I wanted to give all of you who may be putting off registering or  thinking "Hmmm, I don't know if I am gonna run this year."   your top ten reason why you DEFINITELY SHOULD RUN the 2nd annual GO LUCY GO race:

10.  Lucy's parents, Kate and Erik, are able to be involved with race planning this year, which makes it so exciting!

9.   you can be a "spirit runner" this year (if you aren't able to run, but want to help out).

8.   We are taking strides to make this year's race bigger and better- We promise to have some great race day activities and even food/music post- race

7.   It is going to be on May 5, Cinco de Mayo....What a better way to start your celebration than to spend a spring morning walking or running the historic streets of Covington?

6.   Run or walk for the people you know who can't run or walk...be thankful for your health..

5.  a cool "new Lucy logo" t-shirt

4.  Last year, we had 400 to register and nearly 300 to cross the finish line...we can top that this year!

3.   Last year at race time, we were scared to death, this year...we are so joyful and hopeful and she is so full of life...run to celebrate with Lucy and her family

2. Kate and Erik have seen first hand that the neurology floor at Le Bonheur has so many needs...and financially, we can make a difference to those who will walk in their same shoes

1. What more reason do you really need than the hope and fullness of life  that this sweet girl has given us all...

so click here and register now! 

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  1. Hey! I signed up as a "Spirit Runner" (I live in AL) and I was just wondering if I still receive a fun tshirt!? :)