Skiing Day 1 and 2

To say that skiing was interesting would be an understatement.  It's March and there is no snow.  It's crazy.  Between 10 am and 2 pm you can make your way through the "mashed potato" slush, but before that its a solid sheet of ice.  Despite that fact, we have managed to get 2 days of skiing in and have had a great time.  I am so proud of how well Ella has done.  She is quite tentative on the slopes, but she has improved so much since we started this trip.

We are missing Erik and Jack like crazy.  I mean really, really missing them.  They spent Sunday at Shiloh National Park with Grandma and Grandpa.

We are pretty bummed that there is no sledding hill.  The town has a small kiddie hill that we were hoping to take Lucy on, but that isn't going to happen.  I think she is having a nice time nonetheless.  She and Nanny have been doing some major hanging out.  The first day we skied we stayed on the mountain about 2 hours longer than we had planned.  I was OK staying until lunch, but after that I began to fill sick.  My heart hurt.  All I could think about was Lucy.  It's one thing to leave your child back at the house if they choose not to ski, but its another to know that your child doesn't have an option.  It not her choice not to ski.  As a matter of fact, she is a great skier and would have loved being on the slopes.  Maybe, hopefully, soon.

Here are some pictures of our first two days:

no snow!!

love this silhouette of my Dad

Ella's favorite run was such a disappointment.  It was all ice.  Like a good Mom I took her down the trail and my right knee is still screaming.

I actually skied without gloves.  CRAZY!

No snow!!

The playground at the base

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  1. Nice pictures and how fun! I went snow tubing with my brother and his 3 daughter's in December 2011 though, it was at a place where they make their own snow.


  2. My dad has a place up at Brekenridge. We did not make it this year, but it sounds like there would not have been much snow! Have fun anyway.

  3. My parents have a condo right at the base there in the zephyr mountain lodge! We have had a terribly disappointing ski season so hopefully It means next year will be better. So come back again! Also love the pic of your girls in front of the train at the little park there. We have pics of my kids in the same spot! Small world. I continue to pray for your sweet family!!!

    Katie in CO

  4. It is sad that Lucy couldn't ski however I am sure that the time with Nanny was enjoyable for the two of them and it was probably so nice for you and Ella to have time together. I am sure though that as a mom you are always torn between giving each child your time. I am a mom of three and I know raising them that always seemed to be a constant struggle in my head as to whether I was giving each one equal time.

  5. I remember I went skiing one year in bibs and a tshirt.... Hopefully, and I am praying, Lucy can ski soon!!!! She is a strong girl, I have no doubt in my mind that she will ski soon!