A Haircut

Superman needed a haircut.  Badly!  

Mr. Coy gave me my first haircut when I was a baby.  Ever since then, Mr. Coy has been a special man in my life.  I'm so glad Jack is going to have the chance to get to know him, too.  Mr. Coy loves Jack's curls as much as I do so there is never any pressure to cut his hair short right now.  There is a fine line between mullet and curls and we often walk right in the middle.  But I don't care.  He's only a baby once and he is so precious with his head for of curls!

And while we were there for our last haircut, we ran into Nanny.  She was getting ready for the special vacation that my Dad surprised her with for Christmas.  She deserved the trip more than anyone I know.  Love you Mom!

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  1. Happy Early Birthday Lucy! Have a GREAT GREAT Birthday weekend!

  2. Hey Kate-I am going through clothes to sell at consignment this season. I have a few little jonjons that have minor stains on them. Not enough to make them no good, just enough to not be able to sell them. I am looking for someone to pass them along. If you would be interested, let me know. I could send them to you.