Another Long Day and Another Scan

(Posting from phone again. Still no computer screen.)

Jack is continuing to improve. Last night was better (no vomiting) but he is definitely still sick. Yesterday after a long day in Memphis with Lucy I walked into a ticking time bomb. Within 1 hour we were back in the van headed to Memphis. This time with Jack to the pediatrician. He got another breathing treatment and we were sent home to deal with an Albuterol kid. I'm praying tonight We will all get some rest.

Tomorrow will be another long day for Lucy and me. She has her 3 month scans tomorrow and we have to be at St. Jude at 7:15am. This may be the only time we go into scans feeling very confident we will get great news. It does take a lot of stress off but the price we paid over the last 6 weeks makes it hard to appreciate. We are all still recovering from the relentlessness of the full trauma.

Tomorrow will make 4 long and stressful days of hard work for Lucy Add that to a sick baby and you have one tired household. My birthday is Friday and some friends are planning a dinner (sans kids) and I hope I am able to stay awake long enough to enjoy the night. :)

Lucy had her much anticipated meeting with the psychologist today. There were many things I wanted to discuss but the conversation centered around us talking to her about our decision to let her stay back in Kindergarten this year. It was agonizing to be real honest. It was a painfully hard decision for Erik and I and Lucy took it pretty hard. She is most upset about being separated from Hyatt. He is her best friend, her guardian, her comfort. I know she will adjust but today was a hard reality for her. None of this has been easy, but separating her from the friends she has known since birth has been probably the hardest pill for me to swallow.

Praying for her acceptance of this news and acclamation to the changes is top on my prayer list right now. That and clean scans tomorrow. Our family would appreciate it if you would lift up a prayer too. Thank you all for you continued love and support. We are a very blessed family.

P.s. I am wanting to start a link up party that will happen each week. I have received so much encouragement and helpful advice from so many of you over the past year and a half. I am hoping to start a weekly link party that will allow us all to share and support each over, since we have become such a great family. If you have any ideas for topics I would love for you to tell me. I have a few I want to start with but my creative juices seem to be running low these days. Let me know what you think about a weekly party!


  1. Prayers for your family tomorrow! Praying for clean scans, peace for Lucy about school, recovery for Jack, and endurance for you & your husband. Hope your birthday is happy & blessed!!

  2. Of course, prayers will be lifted for Lucy's scan to be clean, for little Jack to well soon, for things in your family starting to be normal. I also pray for Lucy to come to understand and accept your decision for her to stay in Kindergarten again. I am sure she will--it will just take a little while. She can still see her friends for play dates and special occasions. And I bet when school starts and she is able to do better this year because she actually feels better that will make all the difference. She has shown all her strength in getting through the last year and a half. She can do this! Good luck for tomorrow.....

  3. Kate,
    I could tell you about a dozen kids who - for quite varied reasons - repeated a grade. And every. single. one. turned out very, very well. A few benefits: the child can "relax," MORE friends, older at graduation/college, more time with treasured teachers, better grasp on school material, being older in their grade, older friends in ms/hs, confidence, maturity, better test scores/GPA/scholarships, and so on. I cannot think of a SINGLE instance where the parent wishes they had done it differently. I can think of SEVERAL parents who now regret that did make that tough decision.

    We also have 3, and the middle child "waited" to start kindergarden. One wonderful blessing was the stronger relationship between #2 and #3 as they spent more time together...and an "extra year" together at home after #1 went to college.

    There will be tears, but I've seen them be dried quicker than you would think. And the benefits can be life long.

    No one knows Lucy like you and Erik. Hats off to you both for making a tough decision. My respect for you only grows, Kate.

  4. Guest clarifying last comment!August 1, 2012 at 9:58 PM

    *I can think of SEVERAL parents who now regret that - they - did - NOT- make that tough decision.

  5. Praying for clear scans and acceptance for sweet Lucy. Praying for you as parents making the hard choices.

  6. Juaacklyn CunninghamAugust 1, 2012 at 10:16 PM

    Poor Jack! Get better buddy. Lucy will become more accepting of your decision with time. You'll will have to make time for some extra play dates with Hyatt and Lucy. Prayers continued for the Krull family.

  7. Thinking of Jack & wishing him well. Thinking of Lucy and praying you will receive news of a stable scan tomorrow. Praying YOU will get some rest and have energy to do all you have to do.

    God Bless You All!!! xo

  8. Poor Jack.... I hope he feels better in the morning...
    Happy earlier almost here birthday! Hope you have fun with friends. And I will be praying for a good scan tomorrow. And that all of you are getting some good sleep tonight.
    God bless,

  9. Michelle from AustraliaAugust 2, 2012 at 1:48 AM

    My daughter has special needs. She repeated kindergarten. I was traumatised at the thought of her missing her friends. And within about 2 minutes of starting the school year, she had new ones. I described it as 'Off with the old (that she loved with a passion and I couldn't imagine her without) and on with the new (who proved to be just as much a Blessing in her life as the 'old' friends who moved on). I will pray for good health for ALL in your household. God Bless.

  10. So many tough decision, but it sounds like you are making hard choices for the right reasons.
    I hope you all get some rest this week - you guys deserve a break.

    As for the link party - I think it's a great idea!
    Some ideas for topics maybe:
    - A quick and easy family friendly meal
    - Favorite story books (maybe with a theme - those we read during tough times?)
    - Small games and toys we use 'on the go' to keep the kids occupied
    - Ideas on ho to spend 'family night'

    Anyway I just wanted to say I think it is a great idea and I would sign up if you did it.

  11. I hope Lucy's scan is clean. It must have been an awful blow to her to have to stay back a year in school but she must have missed so much; it owuld also be too stressful for her to try and catch up in the next class. I so hope she can overcome feeling frustrated about it. I hope little Jack gets better soon too. Poor little thing must feel so ill. What a terribly tough time you are all having. Love is with you. LIly. xxx

  12. Many prayers for you all. Lucy will look back many years from this year and not even remember the hurt of having to repeat a grade in school....at least that is how it was for me. I had an eye problem, which messed up my reading...so I spent 2 years in second grade. The hardest part was trying to tell kids I did not "fail"....but after a while I didn't care what they said because I knew the reason my parents requested for me to repeat the grade. She is a strong little lady and I pray she will be able to attend school each and every day this coming school year and make some great memories.

  13. Praying for you and yours. Get some rest!!! ;-)

  14. Kate,
    I have to say I wonder daily about you. I know as a Mom we have big shoulders but Oh My i have to say you have had a lot weighing on your and Erik's. I believe that it will be best for Lucy in the end. She will not have to struggle to play catch up, she will always have her best friend and make more best friends. She will now be the big girl in class that all the girls will look up too. I hope Jack can kick this sickness. Ella has to be the best big sister that they can both learn so much from. I am praying Lucy's scans today will be great and that will turn all this stress into great times to come.

  15. i agree totally from "guest" below me!! also speak from experience, but didn't hold daughter back till 5th grade, should have in 3rd, actually shouldn't have started her in school at all until a year after we did!! it caught up with her....and she was actually relieved when we held her back in 5th! FEEL BETTER SWEET JACK!!!!

  16. Praying for Lucy's acceptance, strength, confidence, & particularly clean scans :) Praying for rest & strength for the family, as well... and good luck with Jack on albuterol. Ha! My Cade on albuterol = even more "amped" than usual (& you know he runs at top speed :), & challenging! Hope he's better very soon :)

  17. Southern Queen of the CraziesAugust 2, 2012 at 7:29 AM

    I like the link up idea. :) Prayers for you always.

  18. Southern Queen of the CraziesAugust 2, 2012 at 7:30 AM

    embracingthecraziness.blogspot.com :)

  19. As a teacher, I can wholeheartedly say that I think you made the right decision by having Lucy repeat Kindergarten, especially with all that she dealt with last year. Please know that you are not alone in this. "Redshirting" happens more often than you would think. She will be so much more prepared when she does start first grade. I promise you that she WILL adjust. If she needs help finding a new friend in her grade, tell her that she can be like the "big kid" and find a new little girl who looks scared and Lucy can "show the ropes" to her since she's already experienced some kindergarten before.

    Hugs and prayers from Ohio!

  20. Little boys and their boots! What can I say except, so cute! I know it must have been heartbreaking to hold Lucy back for a year, but I imagine it's for the best. Praying for clean scans! Love to you all!

  21. Julie TorregrossaAugust 2, 2012 at 8:31 AM

    So great to see you and Lucy at St.Jude yesterday and to see your smile! Our family continues to pray for you and your family daily. You are all such an inspiration. I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday Friday!

  22. Wow, I believe every mother who has ever considered holding a child back a grade or has been told it's a possibility can very much relate to the very REAL emotions tied to it. It is a huge decision with lasting implications, yet the adults I've spoken to that repeated a grade nearly all say it was just fine:) Different friends, yes. But God is so gracious, and He will most certainly bless Lucy with some new friends (and she'll have the plus of having all her other friends, too:))

    Praying this morning for clean scans, for decisions to come with peace, and that Jesus will give you energy and connectedness for your bday dinner! Enjoy being loved on by your friends, you deserve it! :)

    Thank you again for sharing your sweet family with us.

    Love from Little Rock,

  23. Prayers for clean scans, healthy baby and REST! Albuterol can make for very hyper babies and I pray this will not be the case. You, my dear, need rest to take care of your precious family! Love and prayers!

  24. Happy Birthday Kate!!! Praying for the scans to bring great news for sweet Lucy and that you can get some rest before your girlfriend party tonight! May this day bring you many blessings.

  25. Your little superman is so cute! Reminds me of my boys when they were little as they loved to wear cowboy boots with their shorts wherever they went! Will pray that he feels better with having this breathing treatment again. Know it is hard on you to see both kids so sick. Praying for you to get the rest you need so you can handle each day with all you need to do. Praying for great results from Lucy's scans.....praying for your family and that God would continue to encourage your hearts as you need His wisdom and strength thru each day.

  26. Lucy is a very strong girl and she will adjust to this repeat in schooling quicker than you can imagine. I too agree this is the right decision for her and she will be more secure than if she went off to grade one where there is a very good chance she couldn't keep up with her friends. Praying for confidence and a quick drying of the tears.

    Always praying for all of you. :) I think the linky is a great idea.

  27. such a sweet family and such a cross you have been given to carry this past while.
    it will not be forever and think of all that times you have had in the past year or so that are so precious.........my family is praying for you all

  28. As a mother of a daughter who had to repeat kindergarten I can relate to the tough decision and how agonizing it can be. We didn't have the added issues of health matters, ours was just a matter of not being mature enough yet....

    What made it worse at the time was the fact she would be in the same grade as her younger brother. We wasted so much time fretting over this issue of repeating kindergarten and it all turned out for naught. Best decision ever.

    I won't say it was easy, especially the first couple days of school when some of her classmates that moved to first grade made fun of her but that didn't last long. She had new friends quickly and things settled right in.

    I know Lucy won't have the issue of kids making fun of her because they all know her struggles with her illness.

    This is one of those decisions that we as parents dread and our children are traumatized by it, but not for long....it will be the best decision ever....really...

  29. Glad Jack is gettting better. Praying for Lucy and the family today and always!

  30. Jack is Da Bomb. love me some Jack, feel better sweetie!

  31. Hi Kate! I have been following your blog for over a year now, but I don't think that I have ever commented. My family & I have been praying for you all ever since I started reading, my daughter (who is Lucy's age) even often asks "how is that little girl doing?"

    In regards to the link party, I think that is a great idea, especially since we all need encouragement from time to time.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your summer.

  32. real think on not holding her back. i held a boy and a girl back in kindergarten and well it was great for the son but not all all for the girl. and over the years i hear it over and over again in girls.she will work to keep up with her friends so she can be with them and if she is kept back she will never get over it that her friends are ahead of her. from a 1 st grade teacher. give her a period of time in first grade she can all ways go back to kindergarten in jan. without harm. she is a determined little girl ,you can see it in her eyes.if she can survive all she has been thru i believe as a first grade teacher of 26 years she can thrive in 1 grade with her best friend. what better mental boost then having your best friend with you in school. take care

  33. What a testimony you are! Your strength, honesty, and faith are a continuous inspration to me, and I'm sure countless others!
    two great sites for your linky party-
    impressyourkids.com for great ways to teach the bible to your kids
    beanieproject.blogspot.com for a way to encourage girls in the hospital :)

  34. Kate, as the mom of three kids that have all been held back, I think you and Eric made the right decision for Lucy. My youngest, who is Lucy's age will start Kindergarten in a few weeks. I have never regretted our decision to hold them back. I got to have them at home with me an extra year and when they go to college, they will be more mature. I used to play in a Bunco group with several hs teachers, they always said they could tell who was held back and who was not.
    So thankful for Lucy's great scans. Praying for Lucy and your family daily.

  35. I love the idea of a weekly party link! Your blog has been one of the primary reasons I have been spending more time in prayer and also connecting with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. On keeping Lucy in kindergarten for another year, you won't be sorry. My husband and I moved to another neighberhood so that our son could repeat 6th grade. We knew that it was necessary, but he was too embarrassed to stay back while his friends moved on. Not only was he one of the youngest in his class, but struggled with ADD. Our move resulted in his meeting new friends, greater self-confidence, and he developed strategies that enabled him to eventually graduate from college with dual certification in elementary and special ed. Everything happens for His purpose in His time. Blessings to you all as Lucy and Ella head back to school!

  36. Your posts always fill me with hope and inspiration, even when you are struggling. The decision to have Lucy go to Kindergarten must have been so difficult, but God has gotten you this far and He will continue to see your family through this latest challenge.
    And I love the link party idea. I find so much strength and wisdom through blogs and I look forward to what God has planned through your link party.
    ((hugs)) and continued prayers. Loving you through this even though we have never met.

  37. Hi Kate,
    I love reading your blog, and check in on your wonderful family every day. First off, love and hugs from California. You have no idea how many times you have inspired me and kept me positive in my own life, without even knowing me! Is the link up party just for moms in similar situations, or with kids facing cancer? Im not part of that "family" but I know enough who are, I like you and your style, and I could use some connection with some wonderful women each week, albeit virtual! Please let me know if I could be part of this even without my own blog (yet). Thank you!

    Danielle Blugrind