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Gratuitous Beautiful Children Picture

My mother did a lot of things right when we were growing up.  I will always appreciate her teaching me proper etiquette, which included the importance of writing a personal thank you note.  And I have to admit, there is just something special, and rewarding, about putting pen to paper and taking the time to write a thank you note for a gift or service received.

Since Lucy's diagnosis I have sent well over 400 thank you notes.  There was no way I could let the gifts, prayers, and various acts of kindness go unrecognized.  I know no one expected it, but I a thank you note felt like the only right thing to do.  With that being said, I am waving the white flag and begging for forgiveness for what I am about to do.

This is a picture of my inbox.  Between thank you notes and emails that I have yet to even open, let's just say I'm up to my eye balls! Yep, that's right.  3795 unopened emails!

I am listing below the people who have recently sent gifts, money and special prayers for Lucy.  We are so very thankful and our family wants you to know that 1. we have received your gift and 2. we are very appreciative.  We remain overwhelmed at the support we continue to receive from friends, family and cyber buddies alike.  Thank you from the depths of our souls!

Sarah Vickers---a TRUE inspiration.  Love you, Sarah!
Rachel Cavallo
Emma Merritt
The Sznurkowski Family
Frank Stanley
The Claytons from Hixson
Katelynne Eslick
The Warren Family
Collin Boswell
Ms. Coker (thanks for sharing your beautiful story)
The Tribbles
The Adams
Laura Barnes
Jennifer Huffstettler
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Mary Culver
Kyle Holmes
Sharon Whitley
Gloria Johnson
Kristie and Jerry
St. Paul's UCC and Ms. Pauline
Aunt Peggy, Jenny, Savanah and Dava
Mrs. Karen's 3rd grade class at TRA
Abigail Allman
Courtney Thomas
Angels of Hope, Burlison TN
Jamie Klapper
Rachel Finley
Caitlyn Moon
Jason, Jen and Hannah Kate Gray
Ashley Parker
Mee Mee Dickey
The LeBonheur Foundation
The Auschwitz Family
Cooking Up Faith
Faith Promise Church
Stacy Habans and Friends from Germantown (Amy Keys, Jessica Holliman, Kathleen Edilmuth)
Christina Gregory
Celia Hillhouse
Mrs. Bonnie Henson and the Couples VII class at FBC
Union Baptist Church in Sardis, MS
Michele Cate
Donya Morris
Angels for Hope
Betty Goodson
Laura Noble and Family
Trinity Baptist Church, Southaven, MS
Mrs. Johnny Hawkins
Barbara and Jim Crouch
Amy Sullivan
Amy and Jacob Zweig
Kathryn Duncan
Ebenezer Cumberland Presbyterian church
Margaret Brees
Susan Carter and Family
Ed and Junie Lyman
Cindy Swit

Wow!  I can breathe again.  I might actually go to bed with a less little weight on my shoulders as well.  You guys are the best!  Thanks again for everything.

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  1. My thank you card is posted on my fridge. I think of your family every time I see it! You're right, I never would have expected it, but the gesture was so very sweet.

  2. WOW!!! That is a lot of emails. It is so amazing that so many people gather together to support. You are so blessed.


  3. Kids are beautiful! Jack's carseat clip should be way up on his chest even with his armpits. The way it is now is very unsafe in a crash. I lost my child in an auto accident so carseat safety is a big deal for me. I'm sorry to comment on something so random when your family is dealing with so many serious issues.

    1. That was my first thought too. It is really too low to ignore.

  4. Kate: Thank YOU! For sharing yourself and your family with us. Awesome God, Amazing Family. Have a wonderful Friday you all!

  5. Wow Kate,
    Your family is surrounded by God's Love!!

  6. Kate , You continue to amaze me. I can not imagine how you can keep up with everything that you have to deal daily. Then you still continue to think of everyone and worry that you are not being Thankful enough to other people. I want to Thank you for thinking of all you blogger friends and making sure that you update us with all you have going on. I know that this blog is not only to keep us updated it is for you personally but you always are thinking of others while writing it. You are right just by reading this blog I can tell that your Mom did an amazing job and your children will say the same for you in years to come.

  7. My little boy is now 6'4"August 24, 2012 at 9:01 AM

    That picture is enough to make me smile for weeks.

  8. I love your blog and have followed almost daily since Lucy's diagnosis. Your family is an inspiration o me, and your stories remind me to take time to be a better mother. That picture is precious. As a side note, please slide sweet Jack's chest clip up to armpit level. Those things get moved so easily but are so important!