Feeling Better

Lucy seems to be feeling better tonight. She has perked up a little and has actually thrown up less today than she has in many days. The only problem is that she is still not absorbing the sodium they are pumping into her little body. We are waiting on the doctors to make their rounds tonight to figure out the game plan. Please keep praying....

Mom is staying with me tonight.  We felt it was important for Erik to be with Ella and Jack, especially in light of Ella's recent anxiety about us being gone.  We had Pei Wei for dinner and decided to have fun with fortune cookies.  We were looking for the one that said "Lucy will be healed quickly" but never found it.  I was really hoping maybe God would send us our sign that way.  The closest we came was something about a bright future.  I am tired and I can't remember what it said.  Oh, well.  I know where my hope comes from and its not in a fortune cookie!

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  1. Hoping and praying that things will look much brighter in the morning. Bless her heart, Lucy has really had a rough time lately. So glad your Mom is there with you for support, and I pray you will be able to get some well deserved rest tonight. Asking God to watch over Lucy, and allow her little body to absorb the proper amount of sodium, so that she will feel stronger, and be able to resume her treatment tomorrow. She looks so sweet and peaceful in the photo, I wish for her a good nights rest, and pleasant dreams.
    Sending Hugs!
    A Mom-Mom in NJ

  2. So thankful for the reprieve from vomiting and I am praying it sticks around. Covering Lucy and your family in prayer everyday. Praying her precious body gets rest, replenishment, and much needed nourishment.

  3. I've been following Lucy's story and wanted to say that although you don't know me, I am thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers.
    Please know I am sending many warm hugs from Las Vegas.

  4. I just came apond your post and I will pray for your family and Lucy bless her heart,,I live in Ms an hour away from Memphis,my sister's best friends 4 yr old also has cancer and St Judes is were they go,We will continue to pray God Bless

  5. Kate, I am so glad Lucy is starting to feel better & not vomiting as much. I pray for all of you every single day. I will specifically pray today that she can start absorbing the sodium chloride so she can get her levels back up & continue with her radiation. She is almost done! Just a little further, then she gets that little break. :-) Love, hugs, & prayers always.

  6. I'm glad to hear she is feeling a little better. Constantly praying!