Weekend Update

Well, I wouldn't necessarily call this weekend a bust but it sure wasn't what I had hoped it might be.  We were all excited about going to the lake.  Lucy knew that she would not be able to swim, but wanted to go anyway.  I think she wanted to be out of the house as much as we did.  It was our first road trip (2.5) hours since she has been sick and since Jack was 3 months old.  Getting packed took an act of Congress as I was packing for a baby and a sick child.  But none the less, we did it and were on the road early Saturday morning.  The kids did great traveling and we were there before you knew it. 

As we approached the cabin I began to feel the emotions welling up in my chest.  I fought back tears as we drove down the long, winding road to the house.  As you pull up you can see the lake in the background.  It was beautiful with the sun shining off of it.  Once we got inside I started unpacking.  When my mom greeted me I just lost it.  All those emotions came flooding out with sobs of tears.  It was so hard to put into words what I was feeling but luckily for me my whole family feels what I feel.  I didn't have to explain anything.  My mom just held me while I cried. 

The weather was really nice.  The wind was blowing so it was not too uncomfortable.  We thought Lucy would enjoy a boat ride but every time we took her out she almost instantly shut down.  It was like turning off a switch.  Sensory overload in an extreme state.  She slept the whole time we were on the water both days. 

It was hard knowing what to do.  She wanted to be with everyone, even asked to go on the boat.  But we still struggled with making the right decision.  Ella deserved to be out having fun, but Lucy needed to take it easy.  I think all in all it worked out fine, as Lucy didn't seem to mind sleeping on the boat and was in a great mood once we got back to the cabin.  She asked to come home Sunday night, so we made a mad dash to pack up the truck (and the truck load of stuff we brought with us) and came home.  We got home late, but it was so worth it to be home this morning and for Lucy to be in her house all day.  Home is safe to her and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

We did manage to have a little but of fun at the lake though...

And the tonight we were able to eat dinner with our friends while the kiddos swam.  Again, I worried how Lucy would do but she did great.  She took her water gun and shot all the kids while they swam.  I've said it before but God has given her such a wonderful spirit throughout this whole ordeal.  I pray that her understanding lasts longer than her illness.  As God is healing her in a mighty way I believe that she will grow to be wise beyond her years.  She already is actually. 

Tonight I am so thankful for a wonderful weekend with my family and friends.  The countdown has begun for the start of Chemo.  The dread grows stronger each and every day but I am constantly reminded of how very blessed we have been throughout this whole ordeal.  Lucy has had a rough go of it with many touch and go moments but through it all God has been our rock.  Our very present help in trouble.  So many kids have not had the turn arounds that Lucy has had.  So many children are suffering yet today.  Praise God for His blessings.  Praise God for His mercies. 

We have all started praying that chemo will not be bad for Lucy.  Some kids actually do really well with chemo.  Many aren't sick like you imagine being while undergoing such harsh therapy.  I pray that she is one of those children.  I pray every single day, many times a day.  Will you do the same?  Our thanks in advance. 


  1. Still praying for Lucy but I will specifically pray for her to handle the chemo well!!! She is such an inspiration!

  2. Glad to hear the weekend was sort of ok! You were able to get there and Lucy did fine! Praise God!

    Always praying for guys and of course sweet Lucy.


  3. I will certainly be praying about the chemo, too! She is such a fighter! I don't think I would be as strong with going through what she is having to go through! I've been praying for her multiple times a day and will continue! I pray for your whole family because I know it takes it's toll on all of you! Just keep trusting the Lord! He has it all under control! Lucy is in His hands!

    Rootin' for Lucy. . . GO LUCY GO!!!

    Love,Hope,& Prayers 4 Lucy,


  5. Keeping Lucy and all of you in my prayers!
    Mary Lucy Thompson

  6. Praying for God's continued covering over your family. Praying for Lucy's complete healing and return to normal childhood and a long, wonderfully blessed life. Praying for TONS of good days. Praying, praying, for chemo treatment to be a breeze for Lucy.

    Not sure if you've ever heard the saying "Worry is today's mouse, eating tomorrow's cheese", I saw it a few years ago on a church marquee right by my house and it really stuck with me and I believe God used it to help me really understand that my constant worry was stealing all of the joy from my present day at a time in my life that all I was doing was worrying about the next day. Praying that God will calm the anxieties and worries and reveal joy to you each day. God is COMPLETELY trustworthy, so praying also that you can find rest in this too.

  7. Lucy is truly amazing already in her young life. I have a feeling she gets a lot of that from her mother (as well as her Heavenly Father). I will continue to pray for her and for your family.

  8. It's so nice to hear about your wonderful weekend with family and friends and will continue praying for Lucy.


  9. what a little angel! your kids are all too cute and i hope Lucy has fond memories of the day even if it was a bit much for her right now:)

  10. I'll definitely pray that she will be ok during the chemo. It looks like you after all had a very nice weekend, I'm so glad for you:)

  11. I am a G-mommy that has been following your blog of Lucy and your family and I pray daily for Lucy's COMPLETE healing. Today ,I will add that she will tolerate her chemo as well as my 91 year YOUNG Mother does. Thank you for sharing this horrendous journey with us that want to be Lucy's prayer warriors!
    I am thankful that you all had a good weekend with family and friends.
    Your little Jack is a couple of weeks older than my little GRANDson.
    God Bless you all,
    G-Mommy E.

  12. We will certainly pray for her to tolerate the chemo. Praying alsothat she will enjoy the next few weeks at home and y'all can enjoy some normal happy summer fun!

  13. Kate.
    I have been following your blog for a short while. I have been thinking of you and Lucy and your family and keeping her and all of you in my prayers. I have intended to post comments; yet, I have failed to do so until today. Your posts about your trip to the lake this weekend touched my heart. I completely understand that feeling when your were driving down the road to the cabin and the burst of tears. As I read the story, I recalled so many moments like those.
    I wish I could reach out and just give you a big hug. A mother's love for her child is something that is so hard to explain. Then, when a child becomes so very sick, we want to do everything possible to make her better. My world was rocked 15 1/2 years ago when our daughter was diagnosed with Myleodysplastic Syndrome. She was 10 1/2 years old at the time of diagnosis. We had two other children also. Yes, it is a juggling act to give them what they need; yet, take very good care of your sick daughter. My heart is so full for you. Reading your story, it seems that you are doing all you can for all three of your children. You seem to have a wonderful family support. You mentioned your Mom, and I see your husband's pic on the blog. I had so much support, and I thank God for all their love and time and patience.
    I'm quoting from your post: "God has given her such a wonderful spirit throughout this whole ordeal. I pray that her understanding lasts longer than her illness. As God is healing her in a mighty way I believe that she will grow to be wise beyond her years. She already is actually."
    Well, I can tell you that those things that you mentioned were prayers of mine during Katie's illness and bone marrow transplant. God was my strength, and his love was with us all ever step of the way. God is good.
    So, the words that I just quoted from you were my prayers and dreams for Katie. Today at 26 years old, Katie has the most loving spirit about her. As, you mentioned, Lucy has such a great spirit now. I believe God gives these children this amazing spirit. God revealed his love and presence so many ways to Katie during her illness. I also prayed for wisdom for Katie, as she is so wise today, wise beyond her years.
    I know Lucy will have that loving spirit and wisdom beyond her years.
    I pray that she tolerates the chemo well. My love goes out to you and all of your family. I wish I could do more to help. I'm here if you ever need a listening ear. God will watch over Lucy. Katie has her BSN in nursing. She is a nurse at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. She is my Hero, and I know Lucy is a Hero. I send a hug to both of you! :) :) :)
    My email address is: terrichism@mac.com, if you would like to email me or please contact me if I can help in any way.
    Love to you and Lucy and your entire family, Terri :) :) :)

  14. Hi Kate. I read your blog frequently. I stumbled upon your blog the week that my friend, Sarah Good's daughter, received her cancer diagnosis. Sweet Lucy and your whole family are in our continuous thoughts and prayers, as is sweet Kellan and her family. Sarah is one of my running partners and a close friend of mine. We will be running the St. Jude Half in December. What an honor for me to run my first half marathon for St. Jude!

    Thoughts and prayers are with you,
    Tina McMurray
    Kingsport, TN

  15. YES! I will pray! Our Sarah was never sick once from chemo. I hope and pray the same will go for Lucy!

  16. I found your blog thru my cousins (My Little Ladies). I have tears in my eyes. I will keep little Lucy and your family in my prayers. {{{hugs}}}

  17. Hi- I just read this posting. I don't know what kind of cancer your daughter has, but I do know your grief. We went through cancer with our daughter when she was 4 years old. Ewings Sarcoma. We went from a normal family to the full rush of starting chemo in a weeks time. I know your sorrow and anxiety. My daughter is 24 now and doing great. The beauty through all of it was her innocence that allowed her to get through such awfulness with optimism and humor. It is hard to balance taking care of your sick child and making sure the other child or children are not forgotten about. This affects everyone, but it sounds like you are handling it nicely. There were many moments I didn't know how I'd make it, but with love and support from friends and family I did. Keep strong...I'm available if you have any questions or just want to talk to someone who's been there. Big hugs, Liz