Muffins for Mom

It was Lucy's last day of RT.  Nothing could have kept us from getting there as soon as possible to get it over with.  Except...Muffins for Mom.  Ella had been looking forward to this day for quite a while.  There was no way I would have disappointed her.  It was a very special morning for us both.  She presented me with my Mother's Day present that she created and she sat in my lap and ate muffins (which I did not touch since they are chock full of gluten).  It made Friday even more special.  I love this girl with the Texas-sized heart.

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  1. I just watched the movie "Letters to God" with my family and, of course, I bawled. One of my daughters laughed that I was crying while the other kept asking why I was crying. :) God definitely created them so differently. As I watched the movie, I thought first of our daughters and their scoliosis. God chose them to go through this and amazingly chose me and their dad to be their parents to go through these surgeries, etc. with them. Through our weakness He is strong. Our "babies" are strong in their weakness. I am continuing to pray for you, Lucy and your family.

    In Christ's strength,
    Carmen Pfeifer