Mississippi Flooding

I feel as if I have to write this post for posterity's sake.  Right now our region is facing a crisis.  The Mississippi River is higher than its been in over 75 years.  Today it crested at 47.8 feet, leaving a trail of destruction up and down the border states of Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.  While my city will not be greatly affected, we are so close to cities that have seen greater destruction than ever before.  My heart just aches for them.  I am saying prayers tonight for all the families who are faced with the loss of property or worse, life.  I'd ask that you also pray specifically for two of our friends Derrick and Zach who work for the Corps and have left their families to go fight this destruction.

Here is a video from ABC News with Diane Sawyer from last night's newscast.  The reason I wanted to add this is for another keepsake.  Mrs. Sawyer says she is riding in a "tank" that goes from land to water.  What she is actually riding is a Hydratrek.  My family and a friend created this machine and we are currently manufacturing them.  What we once thought to be a long shot is actually being used to save lives and we are really proud. 

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  1. Oooooh! Shocking! I had no idea what is going on with the mighty Missisippi river. I'm totally shocked! Hope that river stopps floating soon!
    (We have lots of rivers floating in spring time in Finland but the rivers being sooooo much smaller, it doesn't create that much harm even though every year a few houses are damaged by the floating.)

  2. Thanks so much for asking for prayers for our family. Zach is home and I am so thankful his part of the flood fight is finished. He's never seen anything like this as I know many of us haven't either.

    We're still covering you in prayer and are so thankful that Lucy had a good day yesterday. I pray that continues as she prepares for the next phase of treatment.

    I had a dream that Jesus came back the other night. I immediately thought of you and your prayer. It was so wonderful to see Him gathering His people to take them home. What a wonderful day that will be! Until then, tell Lucy to keep fighting because He is right by her side.

  3. I sent this blog post to my husband because he, his dad, and his brother have built a vehicle much like the Hydratek, a vehicle that is both a boat and an ATV. Would you have guessed that my husband knows your family?! Is it not a small world? My husband said that your family built the buildings where his family business is, Hurdle Machine Works, in Moscow, TN. He also said that someone brought one of the hydrateks down to Moscow and that his dad got out his vehicle and they went out together in one of the bottoms nearby. He just told me that his dad, EJ Hurdle, knows your family real well. My husband is Jeff. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that.