Thank you, dear reader, for correcting me last night.  My new friend speaks very broken English and I did not want to embarrass her by asking her to repeat herself.  What I understood her to say as "Catholic Orthodox" was rather "Coptic Orthodox."  Either way, she is a Christian but it was interesting to read up on the trials that her people have faced over the years and presently. 
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  1. Continuing to pray for you all...and your new friend and her family. Quick thing on your "post a comment"...if people set up their blogger to link to an email address (here's the tutorial I used: http://www.keylimedigitaldesigns.com/2011/04/a-few-bloggy-tips/) then you can instantly respond by sending a quick reply email. Or if they "subscribe by email" to the comments after posting they will get your response. You probably already know all this but just thought I'd pass along.

    Anyways, and more importantly, continuing to pray!