Room with a View

And boy, was it a nice view!  If you stood just right, the Pyramid was right, smack-dab in the middle of Lucy's window!  It was a refreshing view each morning. 

(Erik giving his best macho-man impression)

Here are some other pictures I took of Lucy's room.  We painted her window..

Here is the couch that fold out into a full size bed...

This purple frame housed the painting that Lucy did in the playroom...

Buzz greeted the doctors and nurses each day...


Looking down the hallway...

Toy Story 3 friends helped decorate the room...

And lastly, my favorite picture.  Lucy looks so small in her bed....

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  1. So thankful for modern-day medicine... if only sweet Lucy wasn't having to endure this journey... praying for the benefits to far outweigh the side effects during her treatment.

    We were in Mem last weekend and your family was on my heart as we were visiting and saw St. J's campus. I told my husband that there are "one too many sick children in this world"... his response, "and God created extra smart people to take care of them". He is so right. Praying for those taking care of your girl.

    Hang in there, Super Mom... you are a blessing to your family, Kate, and God is so pleased with the love you and Eric have for your children. :)

    Go Lucy, Go!


  2. I wish I could hug you and her. I pray for you and check your blog daily. I'm thinking of you girls.

  3. Hi Kate, I felt compelled to comment today and let you know that while I have only commented once before, I check in daily and most importantly, several times a day stop to pray for Lucy and her sweet family. Sometimes I notice there's very few comments and I just hope you know that there's just got to be countless others like myself who are also reading daily and praying daily and just not commenting. I don't know you or your family but through your blog feel a connection to all of you and of course, a special place in my heart for Lucy. What beautiful children you have! Each time you post a photo of Jack I chuckle, thinking back to when my 3 sons were that age -- a challenge and blessing rolled into a beautiful boy! And sweet Ella, each time you post her photo I smile, seeing the things she does and how she must be an amazing big sister. You can just tell from looking at her in the photographs that she is! And you, I wish I could c'mon over and bring you & Eric a Starbucks or a meal for your family or do something but unfortunately I live in another state. Just know, and be encouraged, that there are many out here who are holding you up to God, praying for Lucy's full recovery, and strength for ALL of you through this time. {{{{{hugs}}}}} from Lisa in Florida

  4. Thanks for putting all those pictures on here! I L~O~V~E the window that y'all decorated! Perfect Lucy (and Allison) style! =) Soooooooooo sorry she had to go in the hospital! It broke my heart when I read that! I'm still praying hard for all of you! Keep fighting! Is there a way I could email you? Maybe you can go to my blogger profile and email me??? I'm really wanting to get in touch with you!


    P.S. I'm sure Lucy is smelling REALLY good!...I love creamed corn! ;)

  5. for some reason this post just stands out to me....the way you have recorded each detail of this journey in words and photos....each of these photos chronicles a miracle in progress. you are a great mom. full of hope...

    jennifer thompson

  6. Little Jack is adorable! So hoping for better days ahead for all of you. St. Jude is the place where miracles are born. May your family be proof of that. Lucy is coming through this ordeal with truly great inner strength. You are in my thoughts daily, and your blog is a part of each day. Thanks for that.

    Marjorie, AR

  7. My prayers are with you and your family! I pray to God every night that he will heal Lucy as I know he can... Your faith is amazing and what a testiony you will have to tell. Keep holding on to God's unchanging hand..speak life and claim complete and total healing!

    Praying with you,
    Maya Alexander
    Clover, SC