Lucy has a fever tonight.  She is not neutropenic (low immune system) yet, so we do not have to be crazy worried yet.  They are running cultures now and will watch them for a few days.  She will receive Rocephin and we will pray the fever subsides. 

We are all going to try to get some sleep now.
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  1. Praying rest for you all and for fever to go down! Hugs from Arkansas, Amanda

  2. Sad.... like you guys aren't going through enough... thank you for keeping us posted. I will pray a little harder for your sweet family tonight.

  3. Prayers that Lucy's fever goes away and everything stays on track. GO LUCY GO! You all have our prayers!

  4. I'm sorry if you are getting tired of my comments, but I really do pray for you often. I heard this song this morning, and I immediately thought of you... picture this is God singing to you.... it may help you during this especially rough time in your life.


  5. Keeping you guys in my prayers, bummer that she has fevers--but that is great that her counts are still up.