Michael Buble....oh how I swoon!

Last weekend my mom, my friends and I went to dinner and this concert.  My mom and I have been Michael fans for a long time, as well as my friend Nicole.  We even went to Chicago a few years ago to see his show.  My sweet husband took my to his last Memphis concert as well.  Anyway...we had a blast and I was so happy to be there. 

We had bought 4 tickets (me, mom, my sister and Amanda) originally.  Before that, though, my wonderful friend Amanda had wrote to Michael's agency and told them what a huge fan I was.  It was like my Make-A-Wish, if you will.  When we found out that we were getting the tickets from Michael himself, we decided to see if we could get some friends to join us with our original tickets.  It worked out wonderfully and we had a great time.

As his encore, he sang "Song for You."  It is a very moving and emtionally charged song.  I became so overhwelmed with emotion that I literally melted in my friend Nicole's arms and cried.  I cried thinking about how lucky I was to be at the show.  I cried thinking about how wonderful my friends are and how fortunate I am to have them.  I cried thinking about my mom and sister.  But most of all I cried thinking about my sweet, precious Lucy.

I am so grateful for the night we had and probably won't have another one like that for a long time.  But that's ok.  My focus is 100% on Lucy right now and I am ever so grateful to my her mother! 

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